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The Best Flats That Should Be In Your Shoe Wardrobe

Tap your heels together and they will most likely make their way home (with you).

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Pretty Ballerinas / Via Instagram: @prettyballerinas

Made in Montreal...these fancy footwear makers will brighten any outfit with their spots, stripes and leopard print styles. Best features, they are comfortable!

Sambag / Via Instagram: @sambagsydney

Based in Sydney, Melbourne & Perth - Sambag take pride in their flats that have "effortless style for women on the go". They are made for comfort for everyday activities and best part is they will make your feet standout in your outfit.

Tony Bianco / Via Instagram: @tonybianco

Not only does Tony make fabulous boots and heels, their latest flats are making my bank account worry. Alongside their ballet flats they have created their own range of Spanish born 'espadrilles'.

SENSO / Via Instagram: @senso

SENSO have ever flat shoe you need from birkenstocks to 'espadrilles' in all styles and comfort. Although they can be pricey they are worth the $$$. PLUS the Senso Instagram shoes you how you can make flat shoes look chic for the work wardrobe. #winning

Stuart Weitzman / Via Instagram: @stuartweitzman

From the lace-up flat to the 'Sparta' gladiator sandals, Stuart Weitzman can do no wrong for flats. As their Instagram states 'just a little obsessed with shoes' - be careful, cause with their range you'll come a little obsessed too.

Charlotte Olympia / Via Instagram: @charlotte_olympia

For all those cat lovers out there or people who just love cute shoes - these Charlotte Olympia 'Capri Cats' flats are the ones for you. In Men, Women and children sizes - the whole family can have kitty cats tip toeing around.

Melissa Shoes / Via Instagram: @shoesmelissa

Melissa Shoes are plastic dreams turned into reality. Your Barbie would can be real life. In all styles, colours and designs, you can't even tell these art-wear pieces are plastic flats at all. Best part, you can wear them in the rain & not worry about your shoes getting soaked.

Ja-Vie / Via Instagram: @javieflats

JA-VIE offers stylish flats with superb arch support and flexibility - what we need right? AND they are super cute! "Made of patent-pending technology, these shoes combine the softest double-ply mercerized cotton knit "sock" with lightweight jelly out-soles and cushioned leather insoles."

Not only are they slip-resistant, amazingly comfortable - they are water-resistant! Gum boot flats am I right?

Based in the US - they are sold on Amazon or their own site:

solsanashoes / Via Instagram: @solsanashoes

'Australian designed & globally adored' solsanashoes are fashionable footwear for any occasion. With open toed sandals and preppy style slip on flats - the bold pattern and monochrome styles have my feet dancing. These are definitely summer shoes you NEED.

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