9 Reasons We Need Filibuster Reform

I can haz Senate rules reform?

9. Because nothing says democracy like one dude blocking progress for 315 million people.


8. A modern-day “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” remake would be about 15 minutes long, and feature the senator placing a silent filibuster and then skipping town.

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7. Requiring a super-majority to pass anything at all is really just a terrible, horrible, no good very bad way to run a country


Alexander is America.

6. Lyndon “Master of the Senate” Johnson wouldn’t have had such a cool nickname if he’d had to overcome 386 filibusters.

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Harry Reid has faced 386 filibusters. How many filibusters did LBJ face? One.

5. It allows far-right senators to stonewall any bills or nominations that they object to. Or which mildly annoy them. Or just because they feel like it. This is stupid.

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4. If government never does anything to help (because of a messed up Senate rule) people start thinking the government CAN’T do anything to help. Which hurts everyone.


3. Fixing the filibuster only requires a majority vote. Kinda ironic, right?


2. If you singlehandedly block proposals that would help millions of people including your own constituents, is it really too much to ask for you to stand up and explain yourself?

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1. Because undocumented youth who have never done anything wrong should have a shot at citizenship, women should make the same amount as their male peers, stronger unions would mean a stronger middle class, & there’s too much money in our politics

…but bills tackling all of these problems passed the House but were killed by silent filibuster in the Senate.

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