7 People Who Knew BuzzFeed Would Post A List Of People Who Didn’t Know Who Donna Summer Was

It’s a timeless classic: a list of Tweets from young people who had never heard of the latest celebrity to succumb to old age. But is it losing its impact?


Eagerly awaiting the @Buzzfeed post about people on the Internet who think Donna Summer is someone else.— Hunter Schwarz (@hunterschwarz) May 17, 2012


Eagerly awaiting the snarky Tweets about eagerly awaiting the BuzzFeed post about people on the Internet who don’t know who Donna Summer is.— McKay Coppins (@mckaycoppins) May 17, 2012


@mckaycoppins 15 People Who Are Tweeting About Waiting For People To Joke About BuzzFeed’s 15 People Who Don’t Know Who Donna Summer is.— Ryan Broderick (@ryanhatesthis) May 17, 2012


I can only assume we’ll read the story on @buzzfeed later about tweets confusing Donna Summer for Gloria Gayner with bad I Will Survive puns— Patrick Bales (@patrickbales) May 17, 2012


Here, Buzzfeed, I’ll write it for you: “15 People Who Confused Donna Summer with Wet Hot American Summer on Twitter”— alexanderbasek (@alexanderbasek) May 17, 2012


@BuzzFeed You should do a gallery of all the people who think Donna Summer sang “I Will Survive”— Vince LiFonti (@ChicagoVince) May 17, 2012


Is there a Buzzfeed “Who is Donna Summer?” article yet? I’m asking for a friend.— Karsh (@karsh) May 17, 2012


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