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    31 Things From Target That’ll Actually Keep Your Home Clean This Year, Even If You’re Always Busy

    Clean smarter, not harder.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A toilet cleaning gel stamp so instead of scrubbing your bowl with a brush and liquid cleaner, you can just pop out a gel stamp, forget it, and have a clean toilet with no scrubbing — it cleans itself every time you flush!

    the toilet gel and stamper, with a small icon of the Scrubbing Bubbles mascot in the corner

    Promising review: "We love these. They're convenient, easy, and keep everything smelling good — with four boys in our house, we need that." —Harley

    Price: $5.29 (for one dispenser loaded with six gel stamps)

    2. A sanitizing spray that doesn't just kill germs: it also prevents them from coming back for up to 24 hours. Plus, it has a citrus spray, so your house won't smell like it's covered in hand sanitizer.

    a model holding the spray in front of a doorknob

    Promising review: "It lasts up to 24 hours, and doesn't have a strong smell so it doesn't bother people or animals in my home. I can use it on furniture, fabrics, and all over the home." —Michie 

    Price: $7.39

    3. A Swiffer wet and dry cleaning kit, because plain ol' brooms and mops are a thing of the past. All you need is this one tool and your floors will be sparkling.

    the green mop wiping up a wine stain

    The kit includes one Swiffer, seven dry cloths, and three wet cloths.

    Promising review: "This Swiffer is such a great product. I have swept and mopped my floor. I then used the Swiffer and it picked up even more dirt and pet hair. I just cant believe my floors had all of that! I was hesitant at first but I can proudly say this product is a keeper!" —Anita

    Price: $16.79 (for the mop and 10 refills)

    4. A mini broom and dustpan that's perfect for crumbs and little spills that aren't major enough to necessitate getting out the whole big broom. Honestly, stashing a few of these around the house would make your life so much easier.

    the black hand broom and dustpan

    Promising review: "It actually collects every bit of garbage. I have a lot of pet birds and all their leftovers are always hard to scoop up, but this little dust pan does the job. The bristles are great!" —D

    Price: $6

    5. A Scrub Daddy because it'll help you finally clear off all that clutter around your sink — it changes texture depending on the temperature of the water, allowing it to handle all kinds of kitchen messes, so you don't need multiple scrubbers.

    a model holding the yellow smiley face shaped scrubber and a spoon

    Promising review: "Amazing. Ditch your regular sponge! This one does not hold odor! And you can wash it in the dishwasher! Super cute too." —Amanda 

    Price: $4.39

    6. A Swiffer extendable duster that can expand to 6 feet in length, so you don't have to drag out a chair to reach those ceiling fan blades. My fellow Short People know how huge that is.

    a model using the extended duster on the baseboard

    The duster comes with three disposable duster heads.

    Promising review: "My Swiffer duster arrived today. What a difference it makes when reaching high surfaces and around things. How much faster and easier than standing on a chairs, counters, couches, etc. to reach areas. Safer, too. I don’t know why I waited to get one until now." —julesdesign2

    Price: $10.99

    7. A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser so you don't have expend a ton of elbow grease to clean tough food stains or marks on your white walls wall. Just wipe them away!

    a model using the white sponge to clean tomato sauce off of a cooktop

    Promising review: "The holy grail of cleaning products!! Took all the marks off of our walls before moving out!" —Clewis

    Price: $3.69+ (available in a set of two and a set of four)

    8. A squeegee because taking two seconds to wipe down your shower (especially the doors!) will save you hours of scrubbing off mildew and hard water stains in the future. Plus, it comes with a holder that you can attach directly to your shower wall with suction cups, so it'll always be handy.

    the white squeegee hanging in a shower

    Promising review: "This squeegee is very handy. It works well and the suction hanger attaches it to the shower wall to make it easily accessible." —Mel3

    Price: $8

    9. A scrubber dish wand that you can fill with soap and dispense as you clean. We love a multitasker!

    a model using the scrubber on a clear glass baking dish

    Promising review: "This thing represents actual innovation, not the buzzword. It's materially better than the regular dish wand." —Karthik

    Price: $8.19

    10. A pack of stainless steel wipes so you can just swipe and remove annoying fingerprints and smudges from your fridge, dishwasher, and more.

    the tube of wipes on a kitchen counter

    Promising review: "I like to use these wipes to clean my stainless steel appliances when they start getting water stains or smudges from sticky fingers. They are great to clean up my stainless gas range when I let something boil over or spill or splash food. They stay fresh for quite a while, but if you don't use them very often, they may start to dry out. That isn't a problem for me since moving into a new home with stainless appliances." —Susie

    Price: $4.89

    11. A pair of reusable cleaning cloths that are cute enough to be hung up as a dish towel, but absorbent like a paper towel. And you can toss them in the washing machine whenever they get dirty!

    the white and green patterned cloths

    Promising review: "I love these things! I originally bought them to line the veggie bins in my old, leaky fridge. Now I also use them under my coffee machine to catch any errant spills and grinds, and as cabinet liners as they fit and look better than the other rubbery liners. They wash well and are a nice, thick, soft, durable cloth with a pretty, clean design. I’ve also used them on the windowsill under plants to prevent water stains. These are little workhorses in the kitchen and around the house! Definitely planning on purchasing more soon." —Okie1Kenobi

    Price: $3.99 for a set of two

    12. A pack of garbage disposal cleaner pods because nine times out of ten, fixing That Weird Smell in the kitchen is as easy as popping a few of these bad boys down the disposal.

    a model throwing one of the yellow balls of cleaner down a disposal

    Promising review: "These little Plink beads are so good — after I use them, the scent of lemon just washes over the room. Super easy to use, no foaming action, just a quick way to deal with a smelly disposer." —hadabuck

    Price: $3.99

    13. A wire utility rack that will store your brooms, mops, dustpans and more off the floor, keeping your supplies accessible but also keeping them out of the way.

    several brooms and dustpans hung on the white wire rack

    Promising review: "Nice simple organizer. Other brands are too bulky but this one gets the job done without the nonsense." —michelle

    Price: $16.99

    14. A bottle of Goo Gone spray because it means the difference between scrubbing at a stubborn sticky spot forever and just wiping it right off. This adhesive remover will make it seem like your old roommate never put a bunch of stickers on your fridge (roommates, amiright?)

    the yellow bottle of spray in front of a blurred garage background

    Promising review: "someone put a sticker on my window and i couldn't remove it with anything, this helped to remove it FAST." —rub

    Price: $6.29

    15. A pack of eight microfiber cloths with specific jobs: some are made for polishing, some for cleaning, and some for dusting. You don't even have to grab a bottle of cleaner — these puppies work great with just water.

    the colorful cloths in a white basket

    Promising review: "I've used other expensive water only cloths and these E-cloths out performed in every way. The glass cloth cleans better than anything I've ever used and I've been in the cleaning business for 25 years! These are the BEST!!!" —Scarah23

    Price: $34.99 for a set of eight cloths

    16. A power scrubber that basically eliminates the need for manual scrubbing. Just hold it next to some grout, on your cooktop, or in any grimy little corner, turn it on, and be shocked with how much it gets off.

    a model using the red and black scrubber to clean grout

    Promising review: "I bought one several months back and loved it, so I got this one to give as a Christmas gift! It makes it super easy to clean grout, stovetops and just about everything else!" —Ashley

    Price: $25.49

    17. A packet of dishwasher cleaner tablets in case your machine just seems to be getting less and less effective over time. Pop one in, and it'll get out all the dirt and residue that's preventing the dishwasher from working effectively.

    the white tablets in blue packaging in front of a silver dishwasher

    Promising review: "It keeps the crud out of the bottom of my dishwasher. I like that all I have to do is toss it in with a load of dishes and there is no wasting of water to do just a clean cycle." —Happy

    Price: $5.99

    18. A pack of leather wipes so you can clean, condition, and make all your leather goods look brand-new, with just a few swipes.

    the black and brown container of wipes in front of a leather couch

    Promising review: "These are soooo convenient! I just wipe down my leather benches and buff with a rag. Easy and keeps the leather supple and pretty!" —FrizzFest

    Price: $4.69

    19. A dishwasher rinse aid to help prevent annoying water spots and speckles. The two seconds it takes to add this in before your wash will save you untold time in scrubbing already-cleaned dishes.

    a model pouring the blue liquid into a dishwasher

    Promising review: "My family got a new dishwasher and it’s our first time using rinse aid. Wow! What a difference this stuff makes! Leaves no streaks and dries our dishes perfectly." —Emeka

    Price: $4.99+ (available in three sizes)

    20. A bottle scrubber for those deep, hard-to-reach recesses. Never again will you struggle while trying to wedge a standard sponge into the bottom of a reusable water bottle, blender, or vase.

    a model using the pink and white scrubber in a reusable water bottle

    Promising review: "This works great for small opening water bottles and sippys. Only thing is the sponge part isn’t replaceable so it is a lot of plastic waste each time. But I’ve had mine for over a month and it still feels new." —S Fred

    Price: $3.89

    21. A bottle of Scrubbing Bubbles so you can sit back and relax while the foam does the work for you. This cleaner removes grime and soap scum from almost every bathroom surface — all you have to do is wipe it off.

    the green and orange bottle in front of a shower

    Promising review: "The smell is wonderful and it’s not strong. My husband works at the mill so his shower is always dirty. The spray makes all the grime come off with ease. I will definitely continue to buy this! Amazing product!" —Ehanson

    Price: $3.99

    22. A cooktop daily cleaner designed to be used to clean quickly after meals, instead of leaving a mess to build up and eventually doing a deep clean — because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of hard-to-scrub-off soup residue.

    the red and black spray bottle of cleaner on a shiny glass cooktop

    Promising review: "Been using this the whole year to clean my cook top — I always spill things and this makes it a breeze to remove any debris." —ShopperAlex

    Price: $4.49

    23. A bottle of Dawn Powerwash spray because let me tell you, this stuff is a game changer. Just spray it on, and all you have to do is wipe the mess off — no scrubbing!


    Promising review: "This product really delivers! It cleaned my metal coffee pot inside to look like I just bought it and never made a pot of coffee before. I've used the pot for almost 10 years and it has not looked this clean since I first washed it. Excellent buy!" —reidraco 

    Price: $4.99

    24. A Lysol To Go spray that you can stow near whatever might need a quick hit of clean (like doorknobs or high-touch areas). It can also fit easily into a backpack or purse, so you can take your clean with you.

    the spray

    Promising review: "This travel size is perfect when you're out shopping and you need to spray the shopping cart or basket. Plus I took this when going on a staycation. We sprayed everything in the room because you just never know how clean the room is." —Cami

    Price: $2.59

    25. A bottle of Lime-A-Way to make those discolorations on your shower head and tiles a thing of the past. It'll be like you got a whole new shower, when all you did was some spraying and rinsing.

    a before and after of a calcium stained showerhead, with the lime-a-way bottle inset in the bottom corner

    Promising review: "We have hard city water and this does the trick every time getting our shower clean! With a spray, soak, and a light scrub our shower is sparkly clean without soap, scum, and hard water build-up!" —ETselios

    Price: $5.49

    26. A bottle of multipurpose bathroom and kitchen cleanser so you can ditch the multiple bottles and just use a product that works everywhere.

    the blue and yellow bottle of cleaner

    Promising review: "Love this product to clean my stainless-steel sink. I use this in my kitchen and bathroom and it works well. Good price for the product." —Kae

    Price: $4.89

    27. A pack of kitchen degreaser wipes for that gross film that can just settle over all the surfaces in your kitchen, especially when you've cooked something oily.

    the grey and blue wipe packaging

    Promising review: "These work AMAZINGLY well!! The previous owners of my home didn’t clean probably ever and cooked with a lot of grease. The bottom of my above range microwave was COATED with grease and everything I tried didn’t even budge it. Picked these up and figured they’re worth a shot and WOW they were. Could not recommend these enough if you really need to cut through grime and grease!" —Swminn94

    Price: $8.89

    28. A robot vacuum because it's the definition of lazy cleaning. It literally does the floors for you! Use the vacuum's app to schedule and plan cleanings, or use Alexa and Google Home to send it to clean up fresh messes.

    the white robot vacuum and a phone with the vacuum app

    Promising review: "After 18 months of using this I have bought one for my mom, and recommended it to everyone that brings up wanting to buy a robot vacuum. I’ve got a Labrador so vacuuming has to happen daily and sometimes twice daily. With “Rosie” my robot vacuum I am not moving all the furniture around to vacuum under it on a daily basis. This thing 10/10 makes my life easier in a noticeable way. After 18 months of hard use it could probably do with one of the three circular brushes being replaced, but the brush isn’t broken, still runs and cleans like a champ. Just one of them is starting to look a little sparse and ratty in comparison to the others. If you have to vacuum daily or twice a day with absolutely no days off, I would highly recommend this." —Charlotte

    Price: $199.99 (originally $279.99)

    29. A bottle of pet stain and odor eliminator, so if Fluffy or Fido has an accident, you can just spray and walk away. You won't even remember where the stain was, and so will your pets (which means no "repeat performances").

    the orange and purple spray bottle

    Promising review: "This spray works so well. I have two cats and have had to clean up hairballs, vomit, and poop on my very light beige carpets. The spray removes the stains completely (even if they are already dry). I’ve also used other brand sprays that will leave a scent behind that I found unpleasant, but this has zero scent. I can’t recommend this one enough." —JM

    Price: $5.99

    30. A bottle of Lysol mold and mildew remover to destroy gunk and buildup in literal seconds. You'll never even know it was there.

    the purple spray bottle

    Promising review: "I have tried other mildew cleaners that did not work, even after scrubbing. This product pleasantly surprised me. I sprayed it and walked away to do some other things. I returned and the mold was gone, without scrubbing. I'm thrilled! Finally, a mold and mildew product that actually works." —CiMaGlow

    Price: $3.49

    31. A pack of individually wrapped Clorox wipes so you can stash 'em wherever. A pocket, a bag, a car, a desk, a shoe — the possibilities are endless.

    the blue and green box of wipes

    Promising review: "LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!! They are perfect for a purse, duffel bag, lunch box or even a pocket! Easy and convenient! Great size and they are really wet and work great." —Grumman14

    Price: $5.49 (for a pack of 25)

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