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    24 Dresses You'll Want To Wear With Leggings

    *extremely Gollum voice*: My leggingssssssssssssss

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    1. A tiered mini with bell sleeves that'll look perfect over leggings in any color of the rainbow.

    2. A sweatshirt dress because Beyoncé. It's also the perfect amount of cute and comfy and it's on sale, but more importantly... Beyoncé.

    3. An irregular-hem plaid shirt dress for when you want to look like the flyest lumberjack in the forest.

    4. A denim shirtdress you'll be able to rock for literally any occasion. Errands? Yep. Date night? Yes. Storming the castle and destroying your enemies? Hell yeah.

    5. A cowl neck sweater dress for a boost on those days when you just wanna throw in the cowl. (I'm so sorry.)

    6. A hooded sweatshirt dress so you can transition seamlessly from daywear to pajamas, which is, of course, The Dream.

    7. A long-sleeved t-shirt dress that will be literally the only thing you'll want to wear from now until, like, March.

    8. A floral tie neck to bring a spot of brightness into your fall wardrobe — especially if you pair it with some poppin' leggings.

    9. A v-neck wrap dress available in so many colors and patterns that you can wear a new one every day — and it's so comfortable, you'll want to!

    10. A fuzzy yellow knit dress that'll go perfectly over some black leggings for the softest, chicest look imaginable.

    11. A striped sweater dress with an adorable side-button detail so you can stay warm while still looking cool.

    12. A long-sleeved collared dress that'll be perfect for your Wednesday Addams costume, but it's also great for a regular Tuesday at the office!

    13. A heathered wrap dress versatile enough for a meeting in the morning and drinks in the evening.

    14. A printed boho tunic that'll be perfect on all the days when Mother Nature can't decide if it's summer or fall.

    15. A pink shirtdress for the days you're trying to make Elle Woods proud.

    16. A little black number with sheer detailing around the collar to keep the memory of spring alive, even if it is just on your dress.

    17. An overall dress to give you such strong '90s vibes, you won't be able to resist letting loose with an "As if!"

    18. A long-sleeved orange floral mini that'll scream "FALL!!" at everyone who sees you. But in a good way, of course.

    19. A blazer-style dress for all the badass bosses and aspiring badass bosses out there.

    20. A turtleneck dress with a side slit so even when the weather outside is frightful, your outfit will still be delightful.

    21. A classic crepe shift dress that'll immediately become a staple in your wardrobe.

    22. A maxi dress with a high slit so you can give 'em just a little pop of color with some awesome leggings.

    23. A corduroy mini that'll have them lining up to give you compliments.

    24. A plaid flared dress that'll bring you straight back to your school days, but this time you won't have to study.

    It's the best of both worlds. You'll look awesome all day, and as soon as you get home you can do this:

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