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    36 Cute Dresses You Need To See RIGHT NOW


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    1. A retro twirler with a mesh window in the skirt that's ~clearly~ a winner.

    2. A checkered bodycon you'll be ~racing~ to buy.

    3. A plaid stunner here to prove that lumberjack chic is definitely a thing.

    4. An embroidered mini dress that will do in a ~stitch~.

    5. A shift dress for looking as cute as a button.

    6. A glow-in-the-dark skater dress sure to turn you into a walking planetarium.

    7. A sleeved shift dress with, hello, POCKETS!

    8. A Poison Ivy-approved maxi that will really ~grow~ on you.

    9. A flared skater dress you'll be (kick)flipping out over.

    10. A Cruella de Vil-approved dress that has all the style and none of the puppy-kidnapping.

    11. A collared polka dot maxi for a look that's ~spot~ on.

    12. A denim darling that could possibly be the greatest transitional dress ever created.

    13. A collared number that will trick everyone into thinking you've mastered layering.

    14. A denim pinafore I know you've been admiring for a while now. Indi-go get it before it's too late!

    15. A turtleneck bodycon you'll want to snuggle into every day this fall.

    16. A blazer dress to show that you mean business.

    17. A colorblock corduroy cutie (say that five times fast) that will leave you tongue-tied.

    18. A charming A-line so beautiful, you'll want to start planning events to wear it to.

    19. A colorful item that will help you show off your ~stems~.

    20. A sweatshirt dress with some show-stopping sleeves perfect to wear with some leggings and boots.

    21. A velvet skater everyone will be horo-scoping out when you wear it.

    22. A chiffon shift that'll really ~mesh~ with the rest of your wardrobe.

    23. A pinafore dress you'll be ~plaid~ to have this autumn.

    24. An oversized sweater you can wear as a top or dress while beelining it over to the nearest pumpkin patch.

    25. An amewsing option that will make you say, "Stop the presses! I found the perfect dress."

    26. A casual maxi you'll probably want to buy in every single color.

    27. A swing dress with some serious flower power.

    28. A sexy mini dress that might make you late to wherever you're going because you'll be taking so many bathroom selfies.

    29. A breezy tie-waist dress ~eyelet~ you'll end up putting in your cart as soon as you see it.

    30. A floral pleated dress just begging to be worn with an oversized scarf.

    31. A subtle Nightmare Before Christmas design that works for Halloween and Christmas!

    32. A floral collared number we can't believe you don't own yet. What are you waiting for???

    33. A witchy affair you'll want to wear even after Halloween.

    34. A mermaid-approved party dress so beautiful, we can't believe it's real.

    35. An incredibly gorgeous maxi dress with embroidered flowers I would say is perfect to wear to a wedding, but you might accidentally upstage the bride.

    36. And a velvet skater dress so soft, you'll give puppies a run for their money.

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