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    31 Of The Best Home Products From Target That Cost Less Than $100

    Dress up your space without putting a dent in your bank account.

    1. A set of framed wall prints so cute, you won't be-leaf how much they can brighten up your space.

    three framed prints with green leaves

    2. A set of velvet curtains that'll filter out just enough light to help you sleep soundly, but not so much that you'll feel like you're living in a cave.

    the teal velvet curtains

    3. A lightweight striped throw blanket perfect for when you get juuuuuuust too chilly from the AC.

    the striped blue and white blanket with tassel trim

    4. A floating wall shelf that'll defy gravity and your expectations — this baby is the perfect combination of storage and display.

    the brown rectangular shelf with multiple storage slots

    5. A hexagonal mirror so you can see everything from a brand new angle.

    the mirror with a thin black frame

    6. An upholstered chair that'll fit basically anywhere in your house — use it as extra living room seating for guests, an accent piece in your bedroom, or even a particularly comfy dining room chair. The possibilities are endless!

    the blue and white checkered chair

    7. A wooden letter board for displaying messages from "I love you" to "We need milk."

    brown board with white letters spelling "you are my sunshine"

    8. A washable rug that'll protect your feet from the cold hard floor, plus it won't cost an arm and a leg to clean whenever you track in some dirt.

    tan and white patterned rug

    9. A chunky knit pouf perfect for putting your feet up and just perking up your living room decor.

    a blush and beige chunky knit pouf

    10. A wire storage basket that'll make anything you put in it look ~chic~ and ~decorative~ even if it's just old magazines.

    black wire basket

    11. A table lamp with a dark walnut finish that'll blend seamlessly with basically any kind of decor.

    lamp with brown walnut base and light brown shade

    12. A rubbed bronze wall clock because it's about time (sorry) you upgraded from that LED one on your nightstand.

    the black clock with white numbers

    13. A three-drawer end table with enough storage to be practical and enough style that it's bound to get a ton of compliments.

    the light blue table with gold drawer handles

    14. A storage bench perfect for finally clearing your entryway of that pesky pile of shoes.

    the white storage bench with a gray cushion

    15. A swivel barstool with an adjustable seat so everyone can sit comfortably, no more stretching or straining.

    stools with brown seat and black legs

    16. A ladder shelf that'll keep all your bathroom essentials in one place without taking up all of your floor space.

    the gray ladder with three steps

    17. A hair pin desk to bring a little mod flavor to your office space.

    the white desk with gold legs

    18. A three-shelf bookshelf with metal feet that add just a pinch of something different to totally transform it from a classic design.

    the gray bookshelf with black legs

    19. A striped comforter set that's the perfect blend of farmhouse and modern. Plus, it's a linen blend, so it'll keep you cool all summer!

    the striped comforter set in gray and white

    20. A set of picture frames perfect for a gallery wall and giving a uniform look to your family photos.

    seven picture frames with black frames

    21. An acacia serving platter that is the absolute best thing to make a cheese board look incredibly fancy, even if all the cheese is from Trader Joe's.

    the acacia board

    22. A chrome floor lamp with a marble base that's both beautiful to look at and makes it basically impossible to knock over. A double whammy!

    floor lamp with white marble base

    23. A lemon kitchen rug that'll add the perfect pop of brightness to your kitchen floor.

    gray rug with yellow lemons

    24. A geometric print pillow that provides great lumbar support, so you can support your back and decorate your couch all in one swoop.

    the pillow with black and white geometric print

    25. A roll of removable wallpaper with a subtle herringbone pattern that'll make for a perfect accent wall.

    the dark blue herringbone print wallpaper

    26. A cloud printed comforter set that is "technically" for "children" but come on, tell me you don't want this for yourself.

    the comforter in blue and pink

    27. A hanging shelf with a chalkboard and hooks so your coats and keys will never get misplaced again.

    the shelf with a black chalkboard and brown frame

    28. A metal wall hanging that'll add a lot of texture and interest to your wall, without being heavy or bulky.

    the gold metal decor hanging over a bed

    29. A wheeled coffee table with a weathered top that gives it that perfect "Oh, I just picked this up at a vintage store" feel.

    two-shelved coffee table with black wheels

    30. A set of candle holders that'll add the perfect accent, whether you ever light the candles or not.

    the blue candle holders

    31. A hinged vase to make any flowers look elegant and interesting, even if you're a total novice at flower arranging.

    six connected vases with black bases and clear glass