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    8 Reasons Why E-Cigarettes Should Not Be Regulated As Medicines

    The EU is currently deciding how best to regulate e-cigarettes. Opinion is divided, with many public health organisations and most national governments pushing for the regulation of e-cigarettes as medicinal products, while consumers, manufacturers, along with some doctors and public health experts are asking for a less stringent approach. The European Parliament also voted against medicines regulation. Here is why we need to avoid the over-regulation of e-cigarettes through medicines licensing:

    1. E-cigarettes are unquestionably far less harmful than tobacco cigarettes

    2. E-cigarettes help people who want to quit tobacco

    3. Medicines regulation is too burdensome, costly and restrictive for small businesses

    4. The democratically elected European Parliament has voted against regulating e-cigarettes as medicines

    5. Medicines regulation would seriously limit the availability of e-cigarettes in many EU countries

    6. Is it even legal?

    7. Just who is pushing so hard for medicinal regulation?

    8. There are better ways to regulate