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6 Reasons Why You Should Start Watching The Mindy Project IMMEDIATELY

Because this show is amazeballs and critically-adored. And who couldn't use some more of the amazing Mindy Kaling and her totally gorgeous love interests in their lives?

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1. The show was created and is written by Mindy Kaling


Mindy is a fantastic writer who has brought us her hilarious book "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me" and was a writer on The Office. Mindy and her writing staff constantly bring the funny to this show.

2. It shows the harsh (and hilarious) realities of dating


Mindy gets some major hunks on the show, but its never all sunshine and daisies. Any romantic cliche you can think of, The Mindy Project has turned it over and exposed it as the unrealistic dream it really is. It celebrates and crushes our expectations all at once. Sex in the shower? Not so sexy. The perfect guy ends up having a serious girlfriend and is a drug addict. Mindy tells it like it is. Love is complicated, messy, fun, heartbreaking and awesome. So are hookups. The Mindy Project is able to capture all of that. Basically, it's a unicorn that craps gold.

3. Oh the guest stars galore!


In just less than two seasons, The Mindy Project has gathered some amaaaaazing guest stars. From Mindy Kaling's BFF, BJ Novak to James Franco. Other guest stars include: Seth Rogen, Timothy Olyphant, Kevin Smith, Ellie Kemper, Chloe Sevigny, Ed Helms, Seth Meyers, Kris Humphries, Kendra Wilkinson, Vanessa Bayer, Josh Peck, Bill Hader, Allison Williams ... it goes on and on. Not to mention Max Greenfield & Mrs. Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, are planned to appear when the show returns April 1st.

4. For the other doctors & staff of Schulman and Associates

Danny Castellano


The Harry to Mindy's Sally, Danny started off as a bit of a jerk but as the show has progressed, Danny is perhaps one of the best characters. He's rugged and cynical but has a sweet spot for his mom, and brother Richie. He's also a kick-ass dancer, gingerbread house architect, a damn good kisser and rocks a pair of red reading glasses.

Jeremy Reed


The British Hunk, who in a hilarious season 2 twist, got fat. Jeremy is the practice's manager and office ladies man. See "Christmas Party Sex Trap" for some seriously funny Jeremy

Morgan Tookers


Morgan is the practice's slightly creepy, but hilarious and helpful male nurse. Jeremy was hired after fixing Mindy's broken nose and has been the source of office weirdness since. Morgan is known to have many animals and has even brought some into the practice.

Peter Prentice

Peter joined the practice this season, and is probably best described as the frat-boy doc. Peter is often raunchy and brings elements of crazy fun to the office. Peter was recently scorned by his ex-girlfriend Becca and embarrassed by Maria Menunos.


Tamra is extremely sassy and tells the doctors and Morgan how it is. Tamra is the object of Morgan's affections despite having a boyfriend, Ray Ron, played by Josh Peck.

5. Danny and Mindy's Relationship


Mindy and Danny started the show as rivals, became frenemies, then friends, and now... well they kissed in the winter finale so we don't really know. Mindy and Danny have perhaps the best relationship on the show as they have remained completely platonic despite their will-they-won't-they-damnjustmakeoutalready-chemistry. A rarity in television, written amazingly by Mindy and the writing staff. The Mindy Project is completely worth watching for Mindy and Danny alone.

6. Mindy Lahiri is the ultimate spirit animal


I don't think there is any character on TV right now as relatable as Mindy Lahiri. Mindy loves celebrity gossip and food and although a successful doctor in NYC, can be a bit of an organized mess. Whenever she speaks you'll likely say "THAT'S SO ME"


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The Mindy Project returns April 1st at 9pm ET

Watch so this amazing show doesn't get cancelled!

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