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11 Things You Should Never Say To A Canadian

We say "about" just like everyone else okay?

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6. "Do you know [insert name]?"


90% of our population may live within 10% of the country within 100 km of the US but Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world with over 33 million citizens. So no, we don't know everyone.

7. "It's always winter there right?"


Depending on where you live, its typically only winter from mid-late November/early December to March(ish), and sometimes we even have mild winters or very little snow (not to say we don't also have freezing winters and tons of snow). Summer can be just as scorching as it is in the US, if not worse.

9. "You must LOVE hockey"


Yes, majority of Canadians love hockey (it's a great sport), but our national sport is actually lacrosse. And many Canadians are avid basketball, baseball & football fans.

(Fact: the Grey Cup, aka Canada's Superbowl, is actually older than the Superbowl)

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