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If Chris Evans Were Your Boyfriend...

Think of all the things you could do together

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You would go on long, scenic motorcycle rides

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You would hold on tight as you rode past forests and creeks and hillside waterfalls, until you reached a lookout where he could pull off. There you would watch the sunset together, holding hands.

You would go ziplining together

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He would encourage you and help you if you were scared. He would root for you until you reached the bottom, then laugh all the way down to meet you. He would say, "See, wasn't that fun?" and even with the nerves still jangling around inside you, you would say "yes."

You would go to the beach

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You'd find a secluded spot without any paparazzi to have fun. You swim and splash each other. After he helps you pull kelp out of your suit, you'd relax on the beach until sunset.

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