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    I Can't Get Over These Creepy Hostels That Are Perfect For Spooky Season

    If you are a lover of all things creepy and haunted, but also like to travel on a budget, then these are the hostels for you!

    Keep spooky season going with a trip to one of these haunted hostels. If you're lucky, you might just have a ghost encounter! 😱

    1. Gaslamp Hostel, San Diego, USA

    Hostel common area with couches, lockers, and a large staircase. Walls are filled with bright and fun flower murals.
    Gaslamp Hostel / Via

    This hostel has had more ghost sightings than we can count!

    Before becoming a hostel, this building was a hotel located in the heart of the Gaslamp Quarter, aka the red light district. Considering its location, it tended to attract a particular kind of guest...

    It wasn't long before the hotel gained a pretty bad reputation, and eventually, it was known as the worst hotel in the area.

    Today it's been transformed into a vibrant space for travelers, but the hostel's past still lingers.

    Multiple guests have claimed they heard a baby crying despite no babies being in the building. Other guests have reported seeing flashes of light and hearing footsteps when no one else was around. 

    One guest shared the story of seeing a man in old time clothes walking down the stairs only to disappear when he reached the bottom.

    Another guest was jolted awake by the sound of an object falling and crashing to the ground, only nothing had fallen. What was even more strange is that her roommate was jolted awake by the same sound.

    The Gaslamp hostel offers ghost tours of the area and the staff could go on and on about all the haunted happenings they've encountered.

    Hostelworld Rating: 9.0  
    Average price/night
    Dorm Beds: from $37

    2. Hostel Celica, Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Hostel room in prison cell with barred entry and small window
    Hostel Celica / Via

    Hostel Celica is located in an old military prison. If you book a room here, you'll be staying in one of 20 different prison cells. 

    Hostel Celica / Via

    While the building has been renovated, you can still feel the unsettling past. 

    The sounds of clanking chains may have faded, but there's no telling what you might see or hear after the cell door locks you in at night. 

    Hostelworld Rating: 9.5  
    Average price/night  
    Dorm Beds: from $22 
    Private Rooms: from $45

    3. Village Hotel Maramures - Transylvania, Maramures, Romania

    Two bunkbeds with old wooden ladder and fur blankets
    Village Hotel Maramures - Transylvania / Via

    These old woodland cabins in Dracula country are the perfect place for wannabe vampire hunters.

    The traditional rooms offer an authentic experience of Romania’s rural heritage. There is so much more than just terrifying tales of vampires, silver bullets, and garlic. 

    Village Hotel Maramures / Via

    Local villagers are invited to join travelers around the hostel’s fire pit for night-time storytelling. So, wrap yourself up in a sheepskin throw and be prepared for real life horror stories.

    Hostelworld Rating: 9.7 
    Average price/night 
    Private Rooms: from $80 for two nights  

    4. Jailhouse Accommodation Hostel, Christchurch, New Zealand

    Hostel common area in old jailhouse. Common area has tables and chairs with tall concrete planters to match the light walls, metal stairs, and upper level walkway to the jail cell rooms.
    Jailhouse Accommodation Hostel / Via

    Another prison turned hostel! It's scary enough to just think about what has happened inside these walls, but when you add on the haunted happenings that many hostel staff and guests claim to have encountered, you'll be properly spooked.

    outside of hostel prison building with dead ivy climbing up the building
    Jailhouse Accommodation Hostel / Via

    Travelers and staff share stories of clothes being tugged, whispers from empty rooms and mysterious figures appearing. 

    But don’t worry – if the ghosts keep you up at night, you can wake up to a cup of freshly brewed coffee from the hostel coffee bar, and share stories with fellow inmates (travelers).  

    Hostelworld Rating: 8.7 
    Average price/night 
    Private Rooms: from $38 
    Dorm beds: from $18 

    5. Newcastle Beach YHA, New South Wales, Australia

    Hostel lounge with dark wood paneled walls, old vintage looking leather furniture, and a pool table
    Newcastle Beach YHA / Via

    Originally a gentleman’s club, this building was donated to the nearby hospital during WWII to offer medical treatment. 

    Since the building was transformed into a hostel, there have been unexplainable sightings. The hostel has had multiple guests who woke up in the middle of the night claiming to have seen a nurse float across the room, open the balcony door, and then disappear through the doorway. Other guests claim to have seen an older man sporting a black top hat. 

    Any ghost-hunting backpackers should request room 10 for the best chance at a haunted encounter. 

    Hostelworld Rating: 8.9  
    Average price/night 
    Private Rooms: from $55
    Dorm beds: from $19 

    The haunts don't have to end. While you can never guarantee a ghost sighting or spirit encounter, these hostels are the best bet for anyone who wants to experience the paranormal.

    Don't forget to pack your EVP reader, headlamp, and a camera — all the ghost hunting essentials.

    Have you stayed in any haunted hostels? Share your ghost stories in the comments! I'm always down for a good scare 👻