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    Moms With Toddlers: Morning Edition

    Is it nap time yet?

    Wake up.

    Eyes are staring back.

    Try not to have a heart attack.

    Get up.

    Give the kid a bowl of cereal.

    Listen to them whine about not having the right type of cereal.

    Eat rejected cereal and pour the right cereal.

    Listen to them whine about not having the right milk.

    Throw up hands and use the "not every one can have cereal, be grateful" excuse.

    Pour bowl of now soggy cereal into the trash and make toast instead.


    They thankfully eat toast while watching Sesame Street.

    Question what kind of growth hormones were in the worms that Big Bird ate.

    Realize it's too quiet.

    Kids are not in the room.

    Go to the bathroom and try not to have a second heart attack.

    Unclog toilet.

    Add toilet paper to the grocery list.

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    Bring kids back to the living room.

    Listen to one child throw a fit about Sesame Street going off.

    Add Aleve to the grocery list.

    Make a snack for the kids.

    Listen to kids deny peanut butter and apples and demand leftover Easter candy.

    Panic, since said candy that was disposed of last night in a stress eating binge.

    Lie and say the Easter Bunny took it back.

    Add discounted easter candy to the list.

    Eat peanut butter and apples and give them cereal.

    Add cereal to the grocery list.

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    Turn TV off so the kids don't turn into those kids who depend on electronics.

    Listen to kids scream at the injustice of it all.

    Turn TV back on.

    Add age appropriate books to the the shopping list.

    Wonder how much longer it is until naptime.

    Look at clock.

    It's only 10:30AM.