Former RNC Co-Chair Says She Knows Nothing About Washington

Republican Rep. Ann Wagner may be a freshman in Congress, but she was a co-chair of the Republican National Committee. For four years.

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WASHINGTON — Freshman Rep. Ann Wagner is new to Capitol Hill — and, she claimed Tuesday, new to the ways of Washington.

"I'm a freshman," Wagner said during a press conference with House Republican leadership Tuesday. "I'm new. I was sworn in just three weeks ago as a member of the 113th Congress."

"I don't know how they do things in Washington, DC," she added.

But beginning in 2001, Wagner served as co-chair to the Republican National Committee for four years. She also served as the ambassador to Luxembourg for four years after that — a position that requires a presidential nomination and Senate confirmation.

Wagner was elected in November to succeed former Missouri Rep. Todd Akin in Congress after he vacated his seat to run for Senate.