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Congressman Takes To YouTube In Bid For GOP Conference Chair

Rep. Tom Price really wants his colleagues' votes.

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Even when they're safely elected to Congress, some lawmakers can't stop campaigning.

Take Rep. Tom Price.

Price, a Georgia Republican, is running against Rep. Cathy McMorris Rogers, of Washington state, to be the next House Republican Conference Chair. As McMorris Rogers tries to appeal to more moderate Republicans, Price is hoping to win votes from the conservative contingent of his party.

It will likely be a competitive race for a spot in House leadership — and, on Thursday, Price took the unusual tack of posting a video to YouTube in an effort to shore up support for his bid.

The video begins with a foreboding musical score, but quickly turns inspirational, with clips of Price speaking and photos of him greeting constituents.

"As your conference chairman, I will listen to you," Price narrates toward the end of the video. "Your concerns and your ideas will be heard. Your talents will be embraced. Your contributions will be acknowledged."


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