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    21 Reasons You Should Follow BuzzFeed On Snapchat

    Do you even snap back, bro?

    1. You'll get to see ADORABLE guests that pop in and out of the office

    2. We know your habits

    3. We'll give you great first date questions that are bound to break the ice

    4. You'll get to witness the breaking of rules

    5. We understand your ~emotions~

    6. And true minion art emerges from our stories

    7. Things can get freaky on our snap story

    8. And you're not quite sure what's going to pop up next

    9. You'll get to see REALLY important office notices

    10. Like I said, REALLY IMPORTANT!!!!

    11. You'll have to make life or death choices in a matter of 10 seconds

    12. And you'll get to witness what it's like to work at BuzzFeed

    13. We'll motivate you

    14. And we understand the trials you have to go through to be on top

    15. We understand Facebook needs more relationship choices

    16. And we'll tell you when you found "the one"

    17. We report national news

    18. And we're great at #TBT

    19. We understand your real thoughts on summer

    20. And you never know what will show up next

    21. So we leave you with this question:

    Follow @buzzfeed for more crazy snaps. Quick, or they'll be gone in 10 seconds!