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    • RealityCheck123

      Faith is derived from a lack of faith in your own life..there is no need to believe in God, but try telling that to an american who has grown up with those beliefs their whole lives…their parents bought it, now their kids have bought it, but it will get slowly filtered out of society within a couple of decades… Look at the psychology of religion before becoming religious.. I just dont buy it.. How is a Man living on a cloud in the sky going to be consistently watching what I do at every moment in my life and then one day I am then going to go to some massive gate in the sky and live a life of happiness forever..
      Number 1: what is the general consensus of happiness
      Number 2: Even if I get do get sent to a pit of burning fire with maggots, what if I ACTUALLY like maggots and like the look of burning fire!!! I am not referring to some crazy spiritual knowledge I have been let into this is PURE LOGIC

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