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    15 Reasons Why Jesus "Chuy" Garcia Is A Real Chicagoan

    Jesus "Chuy" Garcia is running for Mayor of Chicago. One of the biggest differences between him and the current mayor ? Chuy is a real Chicagoan, making him the Mayor for ALL of Chicago.

    1. His children attended Chicago Public Schools

    Garcia's sons are proud CPS graduates.

    2. He works on violence prevention and doesn't just talk about it


    As the founding Executive Director of a community organization in Little Village, Garcia worked to develop a comprehensive approach to youth development and violence prevention. The organization is now recognized in the Chicago metropolitan area for its school-based prevention work, street intervention and advocacy for reform in juvenile justice policy.

    3. He never took a ballet class, like Rahm, but he knows how to step and salsa

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    If elected, Mayor Garcia will proclaim "Steppin" the official dance of Chicago...Just kidding but you might catch Garcia "gettin' down" on Election Day!

    Chicago-Style Stepping, (also known as Steppin') is an urban dance that originated in Chicago.

    "As a former ballet dancer, let me tell you: For all I’ve done, she (mom) still says, ‘You coulda been a dancer.’ - Rahm Emmanuel.

    Indeed, he should've been a dancer.

    4. He won't pick your pockets


    Garcia is calling for an immediate suspension of the city’s red light camera program.

    "Those cameras that simply provide the city another way to pick our pocket should be shut down immediately."- Jesus Garcia

    5. He’s worked to open schools not close them


    The community organization in Little Village, led by Jesus Garcia organized residents in the struggle for a desperately needed new high school in the community that the city had promised, but failed to build. The efforts culminated in success after a 19-day hunger strike held on the site where the state-of-the-art Little Village Lawndale High School would finally open in 2005.

    6. He's not a Hollywood actor


    "Everything the Mayor does is stage-managed. Everything. That is the way he operates, so I'm not going to dispute that,"- Marc Levin Creator and Executive producer of Chicagoland

    7. He’ll have a drink with you, even if you’re not a millionaire


    A look at Rahm Emanuel's calendar shows how wealth and access, far more than party identity or ideology, have come to command the attention of politicians—leaving everyday people out of the conversation. - Mick Dumke, "The Mayor's Millionaire Club, Part II"

    Emanuel pictured with millionaire newly-elected Republican governor, Bruce Rauner

    8. He builds bridges across communities


    Whether as an elected official or a community activist, Garcia has always worked to build unity across ethic and religious lines. As a member on the Executive Council of The United Congress of Community and Religious Organizations, Garcia helped in building the capacity of all of our communities to win together. He shares a vision of deeply-rooted relationships committed to long-term systemic change.

    9. He’s not afraid of a snowstorm


    During last years brutal snowstorm, Emanuel was on vacation in Bali.

    Even Daley knew better.

    It's obvious that as he begins his re-election phase, the mayor of Chicago is so confident that he goes to Indonesia while Chicago freezes and the side streets and alleys hadn't been plowed.- John Kass, "Mayoral tan? Bali Hai Mayor Rahmfather"

    10. He is a real Chicago sports fan and not just when a Chicago team is in the playoffs


    The reelection-seeking Emanuel, a non-sports fan in a fanatical sports town, observed the Blackhawks' winning showdown against the Minnesota Wild with trademark intensity. -Erin Carlson, "Emanuel's Denim Shirt at Blackhawks Game Sparks Twitter Mockery"

    11. He's been a true progressive his whole life, not just around election time


    In 1983, Harold Washington was elected mayor which spawned what some see as the golden age of progressive politics in Chicago. Harold named Garcia Water Commissioner and two years later he was elected alderman of the 22nd Ward, an election that would change the balance of power in the City Council.

    12. He wants you to get your medicine


    In 2012 Mayor Rahm Emanuel shut down half of the city's mental health clinics.

    "He didn't hold any hearings before he proposed the closures. He didn't initiate a study or put together a task force. He certainly didn't talk to any mental health patients who would be affected by the cuts." - Ben Joravsky, "Rahm still hasn't told the public why he closed mental health clinics"

    13. He doesn’t have to pretend he’s a tough guy... he actually is


    Emanuel might have pretensions in this area given his tough-guy pose and the knife table stabbing incidents and the theatrical sending of fish to his foes. And I do call him the Rahmfather. But Emanuel isn't really from the streets. Garcia is. And Emanuel knows it. - John Kass, "Jesus 'Chuy' Garcia wants Rahm in the deep waters of an April runoff"

    14. He won’t turn over public land to private interests


    Ok...his nickname is "Chuy" but Garcia's opposed to giving George Lucas space on our precious lakefront to build a 'Star Wars' Museum (Garcia supports the Michael Reese Hospital site in Bronzeville for the museum location) and will always work to keep Chicago's lakefront open, clear and free.

    The museum "would fail to preserve the trust property as a natural resource and as a clear and open space ensuring unrestricted access to Lake Michigan."-federal lawsuit brought by a nonprofit group, Friends of the Parks.

    15. He believes in everyday people

    Artist: Eric Triantafillou

    "There are no great men and women in this world, only great challenges that ordinary people must take on"- Rudy Lozano, slain activist, community organizer and friend to Jesus "Chuy" Garcia.

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