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    • jaber gawker

      Yeah, these kinds of stories are getting annoying. The world at large isn’t going to and doesn’t have to accept the notion that gender is identity rather than dominantly being biological. It’s also becoming slightly bewildering the way that trans ideology is being forced onto the rest of the gay community - who don’t necessarily agree - after we fought for decades to be able to, you know, love members of the same sex. And now we’re being told that, oh, well gender is just identity and biological sex doesn’t have anything to do with gender, so if someone identifies as male or female, then their identity is the sole basis of their designation. What does this do to the idea of male space, female space? What does this do to gay MALE space, or women-only spaces? Lesbian space? And yes, in all of these instances I mean “cisgender” men and women - now that trans-ideology apparently gets to group all non-trans associations with biological sex under one umbrella.

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