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7 Charities You Probably Don't Know About

Some nonprofit organizations don't receive the mass-media attention that they deserve. Let's take a look at seven special charities you probably haven't heard of that are inspiring widespread change to help others experience a better life.

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1. Embracing the World

Rebuilding homes for flash-flood victims in Uttarakhand, India, supporting survivors of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines and planting 6 million trees globally are just a few of the international projects of a charity called Embracing the World. This organization of unpaid volunteers provides a wide range of charitable services in response to community needs based on the inspiration of the organization's founder: a humanitarian leader commonly known as "Amma."

2. Force For Good Foundation


With many projects to support causes such as children's health and education, the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation brings hope to families in China, Southeast Asia, and Southeast Africa. They've also built free agricultural schools for lasting solutions to help people get out of poverty and become economically independent.

3. Charities


Through donations made by the players of online games like FarmVille that raise awareness of real-world needs, supports causes like building new water wells in Ethiopia, helping the Wildlife Conservation Network to protect endangered species and aiding the World Food Programme to feed the world's hungry.

4. Heifer International


The innovative Heifer International charity helps relieve hunger by giving sustainable agriculture and commercial opportunities to poverty-stricken people worldwide. Donors choose from buying a cow, buffalo, sheep or other valuable animal that helps create income for struggling families.

5. Make-A-Wish Foundation


The Make-A-Wish Foundation makes one lifetime dream come true for eligible children between the ages of 3 and 18 who suffer from a terminal illness, such as advanced cancers. Past wishes granted have included being an honorary princess for a day to meet real British royalty, riding in a helicopter as a police officer, and singing live in a concert.

6. National Organization for Rare Disorders


The National Organization for Rare Disorders is a charity that gives special medication and treatments to U.S. residents diagnosed with any one of 1,200 uncommon diseases that require extra attention. They also help provide aid for travel and lodging when patients go through certain clinical trials.

7. Experiential Learning International Organization


If you want to get more directly involved in charitable work, the Experiential Learning International Organization connects retired, student, and professional volunteers with opportunities to stay overseas and serve communities in a variety of ways like teaching English, taking care of children in an orphanage, planting trees and more.

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