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40 Creative Food Hacks That Will Change The Way You Cook

When it comes to food hacks, you probably think you've seen them all. Here are 40 innovative hacks that will change the way you cook in the kitchen.

1. Adult Alcoholic Ice Candy

2. How to make the perfect, creamiest mashed potatoes.

3. Tailgating Hacks

4. The Walking Taco

5. Wet Your Fingers Before Removing Egg Shells

6. Easy Pancake Art!

7. Quick and Easy Cheese Sticks

8. Use a Waffle Iron for Hashbrowns.

9. The Correct Way to Open a Kiss

10. Cheese Bread Hack

11. How to Tell if an Avocado is Ripe

12. Pastry Folding Hacks

13. It's not pretty, but a panini maker can be used for omelets.

14. The Best Way to Cook a Hot Dog Perfectly

15. Pancake Pops

16. Ridiculous...but technically a food hack. ridiculous

17. Milk and Cookie Ice Cubes

18. Use Your Crockpot for French Toast

19. Salads in a Jar

20. Different teas mean different times and temperatures.

21. The Perfect BLT, Every Time.

22. Vegetable Hacks

23. Use Cookie Cutters for Creative Pancakes.

24. The Same Can Be Done with Eggs

25. How to determine if eggs are fresh.

26. Easy Pizza Bread.

27. How to Pair Wine and Food

28. How to Properly Eat a Cupcake

29. No time to boil water? Use your Keurig.

30. Empty ketchup bottles are great for pancake mix.

31. Dental Floss is Amazing for Cutting Soft Foods

32. The Perfect Egg Burger

33. Blow into a bag and seal it tightly. The CO2 will keep it from becoming soggy.

34. Sprinkle Decorations.

35. The Perfect Drink for the Occasion.

36. An Easy Way to Store Asparagus for Up to 2 Weeks

37. Cream Bottles Make Excellent Snack Dispensers.

38. Ziplock Bags Will Keep Ice Cream Soft

39. A Pair of Sturdy Tongs Will Help You Get All the Juice Out of a Lemon

40. Save the time and hassle of having to wash your hands every time.