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32 Alcohol-Related Lifehacks Every Adult Should Know

If you're a drinker, chances are you're going to want to know these tips and tricks. Cheers!

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9. Make your own vanilla extract by slicing six or seven vanilla beans lengthwise, dropping them in a cheap bottle of vodka, shaking it up, and waiting a month.


Take a few vanilla beans and slice them lengthwise. Then, pour a couple ounces out of your bottle of vodka. Drop the vanilla beans into the bottle and shake it up to make sure it's all mixed. Then, wait a month or so, shaking up the bottle on a daily basis.

15. Breathe out after taking a sip of strong booze.

By taking a casual breath in prior to your high-proof sip, you'll exhale afterward and push the fumes out.

By doing this you'll actually taste the good stuff you paid for. The aromatics are much clearer when not obliterated by ethanol fumes.

17. How to beat a hangover:

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