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    32 Bachelor Hacks That Will Improve Everyone's Lives

    As a bachelor, I will admit that we do things a little bit different than our friends that are married with a family. However, you'd be surprised how the ingenuity of bachelors can make everyone's life easier. From Summer Food Hacks to beer openers, this is ingenuity at its best.

    1. Your Mac Plugin is Also a Bottle Opener

    2. Tortillas are just Edible Plates

    And you'll never have to wash dishes again.

    3. Dental Floss also Doubles as a Knife for Cake


    That's right, cutting cake with floss actually works better because it doesn't flatten it.

    These guys actually have a lot of other ideas, such as baking in tin cans and others.

    You can find their summer food hacks here.

    4. You Can Make Grilled Cheese in Your Toaster

    5. You Milk Jug Can Also Water Your Plants

    6. Sponges Make Pedaling Barefoot Possible

    7. Discard Pepper. Acquire Oreos.

    8. If You Can't Put Something on by Yourself, Use a Paperclip

    9. Take Out Boxes DO Expand

    10. Put a Lazy Susan in the Fridge

    11. How to Get Ride of the Cereal Dust in Your Bag

    12. No Roasting Rack? No Problem.

    13. Duct Tape can be Used for EVERYTHING.

    14. Computer Amplification at its Finest

    15. How to Keep Your Ear Buds from Tangling

    16. Arrange Your Leftovers in a Circle for Even Reheating

    17. Bachelor Air Freshener (Also Works with Drier Sheets).

    18. All the Grocery Bags in One Trip

    19. Prevent Cake from Going Stale with Bread and Toothpicks

    20. Can't Find a Corkscrew? No Problem.

    21. Tennis Balls Also Make for Great Bottle Openers

    22. Add Velcro to Your Remotes

    23. Drink and Clean Yourself at the Same Time with a Shower Beer

    Trust me. This will change your life.

    24. Smelly Sneakers? Freeze Them. Same Goes with Jeans.


    The cold will help kill the bacteria causing the smells.

    25. Drill Holes in your Trash Can to Keep Bags from Sticking

    26. Pants Hangers can also Hold Cookbooks

    27. Cool Ranch Seasoning

    28. Nutella Lids Work Perfect for Tin Cans

    29. How to Empty Sodas into Your Fridge

    30. The Easiest Way to Cut Small Fruit

    31. If Your Soda Doesn't Fit in the Fridge, Tear the Box in Half

    32. How to Properly Use the Pizza Box

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