25 Ways To Know You’re A True Carolina Panthers Fan

The Panthers have had some hard seasons these past few years, but some of us never gave up hope. These are 25 ways to know you’re a true Panthers fan.

1. You’ve stopped eating your cereal with a spoon.

A reference for the casual fans:

2. You find yourself saying “River Boat” before saying the name Ron. Every time.

3. John Kasay’s kick in Super Bowl XXXVIII was one of the worst moments in your life.

We had to see Janet Jackson’s nipple that night as well.

Click here to check out the other iconic moments in sports here.

4. While it’s been years since Delhomme, Bojangles is still a staple in your diet.

Here’ s a little biscuit justice from the past.

5. You’ve considered buying yourself a Hogwarts diploma.

They’re about $10 if anyone was interested.

For those unaware …

6. You know how to correctly pronounce “Biakabutuka”

We couldn’t pronounce my hometown “Albemarle”correctly, but we always got this name right.

7. Your last wish is to see a healthy Smash and Dash one last time.

8. You miss having a punter built like a dump truck and willing to take a head off.

We all have to admit we loved our roided up Sauerbrun.

9. “Ice Up, Son” has became your go-to put down.

10. It takes you at least 2 seconds to say the word “Hoooooover”.

11. When popular culture refers to a Kraken, you know this isn’t the one they were talking about.

12. When someone mentions Luke, you no longer think Skywalker.

13. You’ve envied anyone with a “He Hate Me” custom jersey.

14. Your preferred celebration is the Super-Cam.

15. You’ve actually practiced spinning the ball.

16. When someone refers to the “Toldozer”,”Meat Tank”, or Wrecking Ball … you know who they’re talking about.

Hats off to whoever changed his weight to 140,000 lbs on Wikipedia, by the way.

17. You know “The Annexation of Puerto Rico” is a real play. Ran by Cam.

18. You’ve owned at least one, if not many variations of the Panthers Starter jacket.

19. You still watch Bears games just to check in on Julius.

He’s like your ex … you hate him, but you’re still curious about his life so you check his Facebook profile every once and a while.

20. Sam Mills changed your life with “Keep Pounding”.

21. If you could choose anyone in the world to have on your side during a fight, you’d choose Steve.

He’s also the best trash talker the world has ever known.

22. And if you could choose one man in the world not to fight, it would be Thomas Davis.

Scary, scary man.

23. You remember drafting QBs Jimmy Clausen, Amanti Edwards, and Tony Pike with our 1,3,7 pick in the 2010 draft … and cringe.

Luckily we got it right with Cam the next year.

24. You hate the Saints and Falcons … for no real reason other than just to hate.

And for some reason the Bucs …

25. You stuck with them through the hard times.

There have been a lot of disappointing seasons in the past decade … but the one true thing that makes you a Panthers fan is if you stuck with them.

Go Panthers. Keep Pounding.

BONUS: You now hate Ric Flair for betraying Charlotte and supporting the 49ers.

His heart is in San Francisco with the 49ers?

See if I ever order his crappy sushi roll at Cowfish again.

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