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    25 Totally Ingenious Tips And Tricks To Make Your Wedding Planning Easier

    Weddings are hard to plan but hopefully these 25 tips will make it easier on you.

    1. Make a new email address specifically for wedding planning.

    2. Use Hopspot to make plans easier and to get your guests together without hassle.

    3. When planning what earrings to wear know which ones correctly match your face shape.

    4. Throw sprinkles instead of rice at your wedding. The pictures turn out absolutely amazing!

    5. Looking for something different and inexpensive? Try a smores bar.

    6. Use color coordinated sticky notes to figure out your seating plans.

    7. Use water and a foam brush to seal your wedding invitations.

    8. Line your envelopes with your engagement pictures. It's super cute and unique.

    9. For kids attending the wedding. Put one of these on each of their plates with a blank card.. “color a card for the bride and groom”

    10. Put old pics of bride and groom on the bathroom door at the wedding

    11. Use a personalized return address stamp to save time.

    12. A simple way to make unique envelopes.

    13. Attach tiny weights to the bottom of bridesmaid's dresses to keep them from flying up on a windy wedding day.

    14. The wedding cake vs. number of servings guide.

    15. If you're in the bridal party, be sure someone brings a bridal emergency kit.

    16. Instead of a guestbook, ask your guests to write on Jenga pieces. Every time you play after you'll be reminded of your wedding day.

    17. A DIY "photo booth" to save money and make memories.

    18. Remember this: Staples does oversized prints called "engineer prints." The largest size is 3' x 4' and they cost only $4.99!!

    19. Purchase veil weights to help keep the veil in place.

    20. Save sand from your honeymoon to make an ornament for Christmas.

    21. You can also do this with your dried wedding bouquet.

    22. If you're looking for a more frugal option for food, give a call to your favorite food trucks.

    23. Remember that wedding and bridal shows have a ton of free merchandise and access to vendors.

    24. For the men: how to properly roll sleeves for dancing and the reception.

    25. The rough drinks vs. number of people attending guide.