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16 Nap Hacks So You Can Siesta Any Time At Any Place

Napping is an art, especially in this loud and busy society. These 16 hacks will help you fall asleep anywhere you would like and wake up feeling refreshed.

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10. Drink Coffee Before Your Nap to Wake Up More Energized


Researchers found that a cup of coffee followed by an immediate 15-minute nap is a notably more effective method of staying awake and alert for longer than either coffee or a nap alone.

15. Design Your Own "Nap Wheel"


To design your own custom nap, drag the "wake-up time" dial to the hour you woke up, say, 7 a.m. Follow the hours clockwise until you reach the point in the day when REM and slow-wave sleep cross, in this case, 2 p.m. This is a perfectly balanced state in which REM and slow-wave sleep are equally proportioned, and where "The Ultimate Nap" occurs.

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