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    16 Life Lessons Learned From "King Of The Hill"

    For many of us, Hank Hill is both a cartoon character and a father figure.

    1. WD-40 works on everything.

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    2. Never disrespect beer.

    3. Miley Cyrus and Hank Hill have the same butt.

    . . . But She Twerks it Like Bobby

    4. Golf can be played anywhere.

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    . . . Unless you hate golf.

    5. Mowing the yard can be enjoyable.

    6. Steaks should NEVER be served well done.

    7. Christian Rock isn't necessarily "rock."

    8. It's fine to feel guilty online.


    9. Strip clubs aen't the best locations for conversations.

    10. Kicking in the balls always works...

    11. ...unless it's a woman.

    12. Alcohol is a necessity for any party.

    13. If life gets you down, go fishing.

    14. Hipsters walk slowly because they have no place to be.

    15. Pocket sand always works.

    16. Marijuana isn't such a bad thing.