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    15 Creative And Essential Car Hacks Every Driver Should Know

    Driving is hard enough as it is. Hopefully these 15 car hacks will make things just a little bit easier.

    1. Parking in a city that’s unfamiliar to you? Drop a pin on your phone’s map so you can easily get back to it.


    This has saved me from getting lost so many times.

    2. Keep an open box of dryer sheets in your car to keep it smelling fresh on the cheap.


    Not only do they smell good, they are also significantly cheaper than other air fresheners.

    3. A shower organizer is great in the car, especially if you have kids.


    More storage = less mess.

    4. Know how to always properly replace a tire.

    It’s simple, but one a lot of people mess up. You can find the instructions here.

    5. The Arrow on the Gas Icon Shows You What Side the Gas Tank is On.


    Especially if you’re in an unfamiliar car, this will help save some time.

    6. Use Toothpaste to Clean Headlights

    7. Spot clean your carpet with shaving foam. Shaving foam actually breaks down the grease/stain clinging to the carpet fibers.

    8. Taking your pizza home in the car.

    9. Battery died in a parking lot of a mall in a larger city? Try calling mall security. They will jump your car for free!

    10. Use OFF bug spray to remove permanent marker and sticker residue from windshield or windows.

    11. Use a cereal container as a trashcan.

    12. Use a mesh bungee for a better coat hanger alternative.

    13. A cheap iPod holder if your car still has a tapedeck.

    14. Hand sanitizer is the fastest de-icer.

    15. When renting a car, try renting it for a day or two longer than you will be using it. Often the price will drop steeply.