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12 Jolly Christmas Hacks To Save Time And Money

Tis' the season for great Christmas hacks! These will help with both time and money.

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1. Use tinsel to make your cheap tree look fuller.

2. Clever designs to make quick paper snowflakes.

3. DIY Holiday Wreath

4. Upcycled Ornaments

5. Make Ornaments Out of Clay.

6. Wrap your lights around cardboard to avoid a mess next year.


7. Hangers also will save time the next Christmas.


8. Use plastic cups to neatly store your ornaments.

9. Blue scotch tape to hang wreaths and decorations will save you some time and your walls.


10. Have a Christmas money plan and stick to it.

Here are some great tips to make your Christmas money last longer.

11. Coffee filters also make great snowflakes.

12. Egg cartons also make for a great place to store ornaments.

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