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12 Ingenious Hacks That Every Driver Should Know

Driving is hard enough, so hopefully these 12 hacks will help you out on your commute.

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1. Need to park your car in an unfamiliar city? Drop a pin on your phones map as soon as you get there to find your way back.

2. Use online sources to learn about car maintenance and proper techniques.

You can find the full quiz here.

3. When you take your car to an automated car wash, take your magnet off the back of your car if you want to keep it. If you need a replacement, see your local car wash.

4. There is a way to adjust your car mirrors which eliminates all blind spots (x-post /r/todayilearned)

5. Driving an unfamiliar car? The arrow next to the gas icon shows you which side the gas tank is on.


6. Use coffee filters to label bolts when working on your car/truck/motorcycle

7. How to open your car door when you lock your keys inside

View this video on YouTube


8. Too much trash in your car?

Via Too much trash in your car?

9. Life Hack: Taking Your Pizza Home in the Car


10. Use a rubber band as iPhone car mount holder!


11. Save a fortune on re-painting etc for your car

12. Pouring fluids into your car? Don't have a funnel? Just cut the bottom off an empty oil bottle! (Or any old fluid container)

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