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10 Reason The World Should Absolutely Start Paying Attention To Dogecoin

Have you ever heard of Dogecoin? If you haven't maybe you should start learning about them and their community before they hit the moon.

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1. Dogecoin raised nearly $30K to send the Jamaican bobsled team to the Winter Olympics in Sochi


Such cool runnings! When the Jamaican bobsled team needed donations, Dogecoin gave it their best effort and raised well over $30,000 for the team.

You can read more about it at NPR.

Here you can see Josh pit by himself and the announcer talk about the "ol Google machine".

View this video on YouTube

3. They voted Josh Wise #1 in the NASCAR All-Star Fan Vote . . . beating out the likes of Danica Patrick


If you would have told me one year ago that a relatively unknown race car driver that's sponsored by a cryptocurrency named after a meme of a shiba inu would win the fan vote . . . I would have called you crazy.

4. Dogecoin is starting to be accepted for purchases.


From coffee to donut shops, Dogecoin is getting off the ground when it comes to making purchases. Tune into the Dogecoin community as they usually stay up to date with the new places.

6. Because everyone in this community believes.


While it might seem like a joke to some, it's far from it to those involved. Once you read up on the community you will come to realize that they take it very seriously and believe in the Dogecoin.

Such as this man who sold his home for Dogecoins.

7. Other than a few bumps in the road, Dogecoin has continued to grow since its inception.


And the best part is that when there is a bump in the road, everyone remains positive for the most part! There is no need to post a suicide prevention link in this community.

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