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Sugar Rae

I found Sugar Rae outside a boxing gym on a rainy September afternoon in Manhattan's gritty uptown Washington Heights neighborhood. Then a kitten, she was shivering, thin, flea-bitten and hungry. Surprisingly she let me pick her up and became immediately gentle with me. She nestled into my sweatshirt as I rode the subway downtown to my apartment. Upon arriving home I immediately placed her in my empty bathtub and sponged bathed all of the dirt from her coat, head and paws, then fluffed up her fur with a soft towel. She purred the entire time. Miss Sugar Rae seemed quite at home the moment she walked around, inspecting her new digs. To this day she loves the bathtub and water. I named her after boxing legend Sugar Ray Robinson but adjusted it to a more feminine spelling. This is a typical pose of hers. She talks too.

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