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15 Signs You're Addicted To Candy Crush Saga

This is a no-shame zone.

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1. You Know the "Infinite Lives" Trick


For the unacquainted with iPhones: Settings > General > Date & Time > Toggle off "Set Automatically" > Change the date to a day in the future > Navigate into Candy Crush > Make sure you now have a full set of lives > Navigate back into Settings > Toggle on "Set Automatically" > Play on with new lives and correct phone date/time.


8. There's Something Bittersweet About This Message


You think to yourself: I have succeeded at an incredibly difficult pursuit, and I am not one iota better for it. Hm, maybe I should stop playing this game and use this time to engage in more productive and fulfilling activities.

... Nahhhhh.

9. So Now You Have to Make a Choice:


Do you annoy the shit out of your fellow addicts on Facebook, use the infinite lives trick to slog through the quests, or do you — perish the thought — spend 99 cents to proceed?


13. You Hate Dream World


"Odus, you useless sack of feathers, stay on your fucking moon where you fucking belong. I matched ONE set of candy. ONE. And WHOO, off you go again, making that stupid panic face and dancing like a dick. Get your cerebellum checked, asshole."

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