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20 Unexpected Perks Of Being A New Parent

It's not all diapers and crying and sleepless nights and diapers...

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1. You have an excuse to get out of anything.

2. You can blame your bad habits on them.


3. Nothing grosses you out anymore.



4. Everyone is REALLY nice to you.

5. Dressing them up in ridiculous outfits.

6. Sweet parking spots.

7. You eat way more organic food.

8. Jump ahead of lines shamelessly.

Instant elite status!

Instant elite status!

9. Infinite usage of the carpool lane.

Your mannequin days are over!

Your mannequin days are over!

10. Looking like shit is completely acceptable.

11. Your "likes" will skyrocket!

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12. Reliving your childhood.

13. You get to talk smack about celebs and princesses for returning to form so quickly.

14. Holiday magic is renewed.

regis c.

15. You found the cure for hangovers...never going out again!

16. But sometimes, you get to stay up all night like the old days!


And you're baby's awake too! And you can watch this guy!

17. Childrens books are much more relatable.

18. Lots of new ways to meet friends.

19. You become an origami pro!

20. And smiles. Heaps of smiles.

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