The "Game Of Thrones" Diorama That Only Peeps Could Pull Off

“A dragon is not a slave.”


We created flames using Cricut Explore which is great for the detailed bits.

2. Unsullied…forward march!


Chocolate Mousse peeps actually exist and were the perfect choice. We then made spears with toothpicks and card stock.

3. Small cotton balls for the bunny tails…

4. …and our warriors were complete!

5. Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen

6. The toasted slavemaster and Sir Jorah


We gave the evil peep a nice roasting to emulate the **SPOILER ALERT** dragon torching he gets. He smelled delicious.

7. The backdrop

We got a few birdhouses for the castles.

Then painted them, installed a felt awning and crammed some peep chicks into the doorways. Play sand was used to recreate the climate of Astapor.


A glue gun was used to tack down the peeps. Pro-tip: Wait until they are stale. A squishy Daenerys melted a bit from the hot glue.

This scene wouldn’t be complete without a text bubble.

And a gruesome slaying.

12. Dragonsssss!!!!


Bamboo skewers were used to hold up the dragons and were supported by florist foam in the base.

14. You go girl!

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