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    Second Tier Celebrity Deaths Of 2009

    2009 saw many celebrity deaths- but not all were A-listers like Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett or Patrick Swayze. Let's take a look back at some major passings the may not have gotten the media attention they deserve.

    • 1. Marilyn Chambers

      Ivory Snow Model and Adult Film Star

    • 2. Ron Silver

      intense actor and activist

    • 3. Pat Hingle

      Commissioner Gordon in Batman TV series

    • 4. Cheryl Holdridge

      Disney's Original Mickey Mouse Club - Mouseketeer Cheryl!

    • 5. Patrick McGoohan

      Forget the 2009 Prisoner- This was the real deal. Also played Secret Agent Man- Very Dapper!

    • 6. David "Fathead" Newman

      An original

    • 7. Paul Harvey

      Delivery of the news was like he was talking to you. Page 1, and Good Day will be his moniker!

    • 8. Natasha Richardson

      a tragic death...

    • 9. Soupy Sales

      Soupy was the "pie-in-the-face" original!

    • 10. Les Paul

      His influence on musical style will live forever...

    • 11. Army Archerd

      After Walter Winchell came Army...

    • 12. Henry Gibson

      Died the same day as Patrick Swayze...Original Laugh-in Cast member- Played eccentric judge on Picket Fences

    • 13. Mary Travers

      Now Mary is singing with Karen Carpenter, and Cass Elliot.

    • 14. Dom Deloise

      Funny Man who loved to cook and eat!

    • 15. David Carradine

      Many are mellow today because of Kane and Kung Fu!

    • 16. Karl Malden

      Great actor, but he did have a large nose

    • 17. Gale Storm

      Before Lucy, there was Gale Storm

    • 18. Bea Arthur

      The first ballsy TV sitcom woman.

    • 19. Edward Woodward

      The Equalizer

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