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Jesus Sightings In Review, 2009

2009 was another fruitful year for sightings of Jesus Christ images. Let's take a look back at the most memorable epiphanies that changed the lives of many...and also provided the media with some internet buzz fodder! (See more odd religious imagery at

  • 1. A-Holey Father Sighting

    This sighting was first posted in late 2008, but what the hell- it became viral in 2009 after appearing in Buzzfeed. In fact Bill Maher used the story during his New Rules segment of an HBO Real Time With Bill Maher segment. This picture is the benchmark for Jesus Christ Image sightings!

  • 2. Lake Huron Rock Jesus

    Said to be dredged from Lake Huron- this Rock looks more like a piece of driftwood with the image of Jesus

  • 3. Coffee Mug Jesus

    I don't know if I would have drank out of this glass coffee mug. But sadly, it appeared after "A Holey Father" and didn't garner any respect!

  • 4. The Kitchen Jesus

    Interesting image of Jesus- comparable with the candle illustration.

  • 5. Marmite Jesus

    What the heck is Marmite? And this image would scare me if I was going to eat this stuff!

  • 6. Cheesus Jesus #1

    The year of Cheeto Jesus figures-Who looks for religious icons when eating snack foods?

  • 7. Cheesus Jesus #2

    See Cheesus Jesus #1- but it looks like #2 and #1 came from the same Cheeto mold!

  • 8. Cheese Toast Jesus

    I wonder what kind of of toaster oven this image brought forth from. Kinda' looks like an old style ashtray too!

  • 9. Kit Kat Jesus

    A Jesus image in a candy bar? It's not identifed whether its a super Kit Kat or regular! No Twix image of Jesus was recorded this year!

  • 10. Maple Leaf Jesus

    This magnified image of a maple leaf makes me wonder what really created that image?

  • 11. Highway Boulder Jesus

    Notice the ridge on the right bottom of this picture- I wonder how many drivers were in awe of the Jesus Boulder and screwed up their tires!

  • 12. Pita Bread Jesus

    Pita Bread Jesus was posted on January 1, 2009, becoming the FIRST Jesus sighting of the past year!!

  • 13. Scorch Mark Jesus

    This Jesus image is the latest image found this year by the media. I wonder what the homemaker was ironing?

  • 14. Wood Panel Jesus

    This sighting has been made into a shrine- What no candles?

  • 15. Toilet Seat Jesus

    OK it's not a toilet- but a sticker on a toilet- but it still is an image within a heart!

  • 16. Burger Grease Jesus

    Comments on this Jesus image- suggest that this could also be the Zig-Zag Man

  • 17. Curtain Jesus

    Look too will see the image!

  • 18. Velvet Chair Jesus

    This is just amazing. Not red velvet, not black or blue velvet. Brown velvet- could be mistaken for a viking. But the media reported it!

  • 19. Planet Mars Jesus

    You gotta look hard for this Jesus- but its there.....right next to the waterfall!

  • 20. Kudzu Jesus

    This could be the largest Jesus sighting of the year

  • 21. Hillside Jesus

    The arrow is pointing to the Jesus. It's there....really!

  • 22. Concrete Jesus

    If you look hard enough you will see that it's the face of Jesus, not the back of his head!

  • 23. Floor Tile Jesus

    Once again, the media uses a picture of Jesus to show this truly is an image of the Holy Father

  • 24. Car Window Jesus

    This Jesus image is questionable, because its so discernible on the window. Reminds me making snowflakes on windows.