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14 Fabulous, Fictional Gal Pals In Honor Of Galentines Day

"What's Galentines Day? Oh, it's only the best day of the year."

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4. Buffy and Willow

These besties went through more ups and downs in a few short years than most people experience in a life time, but they were always there for each other in the end. And when they weren't looking out for each other, they were fending off the apocalypse (again).

9. Lorelai and Rory / Via

Who says moms and daughters can't be best friends? These two were inseparable, and were there for each other through thick and thin and every Friday night dinner with the Gilmores. Now that's true friendship.

10. Aibleen and Minny

Best friends who are always there to help each other out of a tight spot or make each other laugh, and who risk everything to fight against discrimination and racism in 1960s Jackson, Mississippi.

11. Annie and Lillian

When best friends fight they fight hard, but true friends always try to find a way through it. Annie and Lillian show us that it's not only possible to get through the rough patches stronger than ever, but you can even welcome new besties into your gang.

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