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13 Reasons Agent Peggy Carter Is Queen

She's been kicking ass and taking names since her first appearance in Captain America.

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5. She's not taking any of your misogynistic BS.


She fought alongside Captain America and the Howling Commandos during the war, and she's not going to let a bunch of sexist men push her around now.

7. She is just as qualified as anyone else — and she's not gonna let you forget it.


Peggy has to put up with a lot from her coworkers, but she's not about to let their antiquated opinions about women keep her from doing her job — especially when she's better at that job than almost anyone else!


10. She founded S.H.I.E.L.D.


Remember that running gag about how somebody must have really wanted the agency's initials to spell out "shield"? Yeah, I can't imagine why Peggy Carter, agent extraordinaire, superhero in her own right, and soulmate of Captain America would've have wanted that. I'm sure it's just a coincidence...

11. She was Captain America's rock.

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12. She will gain your respect.

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The best way to gain respect is to earn it, but what if you have earned it, and they still don't respect you? Make them.

13. She is played by the fabulous Hayley Atwell.


Hayley Atwell is easily just as cool as the butt-kicking SSR agent she plays on TV. She is all about girl power and has been outspoken about her wishes for the show to become more diverse in coming seasons. She also ships Stucky (Steve and Bucky) and Cartinelli (Peggy Carter and Angela Martinelli), so you know she has great taste.

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