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2014 Is The Year Of The Cavalier

Everyone needs to just do the right thing and get behind the University of Virginia Cavaliers.

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Sure, it's easy to dismiss Virginia as a top basketball program.

It's sad, but true.


This year's been quite the ride, but there are some Cavs fans that aren't exactly on board with rejoicing just yet. Maybe they've gotten used to disappointment.

The daggers have been oh-so-painful.

Consider this: UVA's last NCAA tournament win was in March 2007 over Albany.

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Remember Jason Cain? He was a key player on that team. JASON FREAKING CAIN.

To put those seven years in perspective: Norfolk State, Richmond, and George Mason have all won a game in the tourney since then.

Oh yeah, can't forget ODU and of course VCU. THESE are the teams representing the great Commonwealth?!


Put all of that nonsense aside.

The time for UVA has come.

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