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How To Easily Make Your Own Minimalist Concrete Decor

Use these minimalist magnetic pots to grow succulents, store loose jewelry, or hold a candle.

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Through your many years of organizing, DIY decorating, and excessive crafting, you've achieved a level of perfection barely even seen in magazines.

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But you shoot for the moon every time. Step your game up a bit higher with these ~minimalist~ magnetic concrete cubes.

You'll need a few things. Crafting star that you are, you might already have most of them. But just in case:

* 1.5 inch / 2.5 centimeter wooden cube

* Hand drill

* Mini table vise, $7.95

* Coconut oil

* Large ice cube silicone tray, $12
# Strong earth magnets, $4.99

* Hot glue

* Disposable gloves

* Plastic bucket

* Concrete, $3.99

* Liquid gold leaf, $8.66

* Screw Hook, $6.99

* Sand paper


Watch the full tutorial here.

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