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    • raymondb11

      I hunt I like eating meat. I like hunting period. We have sooooo many more important issues than this one. For you that think a reserve shoots its prime breeding stock, get a grip. the prime dominant males are not shootable to hunters, only the second pier anmals, same in all reserves. If u have the best genes you get the most money, no one kills their best, If you want to fuss at something go look in your city park, look under the bridges, look on the corners at the homeless, do you give them 3%, hell no, u put your head down and drive by, why not instead make a snack pack, put soap, deoderant, bottled watter in it and hand it to a homeless person. maybe its not right to hunt the lion but, do not judge unless u want to be judged. look in ur mirror look at ur life, change what u can pray on what u can’t. That was a beautiful lion, but now two female lions can have the meat he would have gotten and have more cubs. think about conservation like that, he would eat what two females would, hmmm, smart to kill him and let two females reproduce instead

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