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Where's My Sequel To "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"??

I don't care about Clerks 3 or Star Wars, this universe is ripe for more movies...

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In 1988 we were given a gift and we didn't even realize it.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit remains one of the best movies to entertain everyone. Honestly, everyone.

Adults love it because it has a surprisingly strong story and well written characters.

Kids love it because, well, duh, cartoons.

But "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" introduced us to the coolest and most important character of all time... well, it's not a character in so much as a place. That's right - Toontown.

Now that we are living in an age where everything has a sequel or a reboot, I would like to see mulitple stories told revolving around Toontown.

The movie has set up with world where people and cartoons mix. This includes their characters and laws of physics (or lack of laws of physics).

Why did they not do more with this world?

They do not need to include Roger Rabbit, Jessica Rabbit, or anyone else from the original film. Just make a movie about life in this crazy world.

So, Hollywood, here's a list of movies that should take place in this universe. I'll be waiting for the check.

Film Noir (a standard sequel)

The first movie was already kind of one. Film Noir movies are detective stories where one guy takes on something bigger than he bargained for. They tend to be filmed in a dark manner.

So let's see some more!

This is clearly a seedy area. A lot of backroom deals, speak easys, and disappearing ink.

Is there more? Who runs them?

What else is happening in this town where no rules seem to exist?

A standard Prequel

Remember that part in the first movie when Eddie and Roger are bound by handcuffs and while trying the saw them apart, Roger slips out of them with ease. Eddie gets mad because of all the troubles they had to deal with while being forced together. And Roger say he could only slip out of them "when it would be funny"

Who made those rules? Is there a code of conduct? Is it biology? And who determines when something would be funny vs. not funny (you hear that Internet Commentators!)?

Who made Toontown? Is this the product of confinement? Did humans force the Toons to live in the same town and then put Acme in charge?

How did Acme get to run Toontown anyways?

I want to learn all of this.


You can mix and match any way you want: toon guy and human girl / human guy and toon girl.

What's their story like?

How do they meet?

Are there issues?

What's dating like?

So cartoons don't age... right? How does that go down? How does that change the dating dynamic?

Does one have to watch as the love of their lives get old?

Are they still in love?

Can they have children?


Political Thriller

Remember how terrible those Star Wars prequels were?

Part of the boredom stemmed from every film goer having to minor in Political Science to understand the Trade Federation's embargo and how the Galactic Senate worked.

You know what wouldn't be boring? ALL of that with cartoons!

So when "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" ended, Toontown belonged to the toons. That's cool. What are their laws like?

Do they have currency? Do they need it?! Do they trade with the outside world?

Do they have a mayor? Is it Mickey? It's Mickey isn't it? Or is it Bugs. Are the party lines drawn like the lines of what Cartoon Universe they belong to?

Do cartoons vote?! What are the restrictions?

Why has no one else done this?!

Do they have an International Policy? Do you need a passport to get into Toontown? Seriously, do they have a currency?

Political Activist Movie

Just to combine entry 1 & 2. I just want to see the Harvey Milk of Toontown.

That's all.

Toons Rights.

Who has them?

Gangster Movie

It has already been established that there are bad toons (Doom and his weasels) who chose to be bad (and aren't just drawn that way).

So it stands to reason that there can be other toons who aren't all good guys.

It has also been established that there is a way to kill toons and leave virtually no evidence (dip).

What if some bad guys get their hands on this stuff? What if there's black market dip being sold?

What if some bad toons get a hold of dip and use it to threaten good toons into doing bad things? Lola Bunny has to do some crazy things in the human world cause some bad guys have Bugs hostage?

Remember before I mentioned a political divide among Cartoon Universe lines? What if it was turf related? What if it was Don Mouse vs. Don Bunny for control of the docks?

That would be awesome.

War Movie

There's no doubt that humans will react negatively to the liberation of Toontown. We react negatively to most/all change.

And now we're dealing with beings who are virtually impossible and indestructible. If they wanted to take over the world, they could. Without any problems.

Or maybe it's just human on human war and someone has militarized cartoon weapons. World leaders might seem silly threatening enemy nations with giant anvils, but it could get the job done.

How could that play out??

Or do a Inglorious Basterds style: 6 troops behind enemy lines with nothing but a dozen balloons that can be turned into various means of defense. Can they make it?

Slasher Movie

As I said above, Judge Doom confirmed that cartoons can be bad. He also confirmed they can be scary as all hell.

You know how slasher movie monsters tend to be... cartoonish... with their inability to die, ability to pop up out of no where, super human strength, etc. You see where this is going.

A homicidal toon that can't be killed, but has to be detained. How do you combat that?

This would be awesome!

Frat Humor Movies

Since "Who Framed Roger Rabbit", there has been a rise in cartoons with inappropriate humor. They're not the innocent types featured in the movie.

Where do they go?

Do the Simpsons live in Toontown?

Does Bob's Burgers turn a profit?

Are the kids from South Park spoofing whatever is the hot-button topic of the day?

How do they interact with everyone else? Do they look down on them? Are there a "Caddyshack"-style slobs v. snobs type disputes constantly?

Either way, it's got to be kinda funny.

At the very least, Tina Belcher falling in love with Dean Venture would be great.

Or maybe she falls in love with someone from the real world... that leads back to our RomCom entry above.

I'm just spit balling from the top of my head and I've come up with nine (NINE) movies that could be a hit! And I'm not that clever.

So here you go, Hollywood.

Go forth and create.

We'll be here with all our money.

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