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If They Made More Shows Out Of Commercials

In 2007 we all dodged a cultural bullet. Based on the popularity of the Geico cavemen, a show "Cavemen" was created. It lasted 8 episodes before mercifully being pulled. It was terrible (despite Nick Kroll and Sam Huntington being involved). And that seemed to scare everyone from making TV shows out of commercials (like how "Joey" scared everyone out of spinoffs or how "Batman & Robin" scared everyone from comic book movies). However, if it had succeeded, these are the shows we would have to put up with today:

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"Even Flo"


Staring: Flo from the Progressive commercial.

Plot: A kind and eager spirited girl moves into a big city with whacky neighbors and a tough boss... but nothing can break her stride as she helps everyone find the sunnier side of life.

"Hamster Dam"


Staring: The Kia dancing Hamsters

Plot: Not to be confused with the third season of The Wire, this story revolves around the three humanoid hamsters as they rise and fall in Hollywood. Like "Entourage", but with hamsters.

"Peggy on the block"


Staring: Peggy from the Discover Card commercials

Plot: Peggy leaves Romania and comes to a small town in middle America... and boy are there a lot of miss-connections. Just a whole lot. The show's comedy essentially arises solely from cultural confusion.

"Drive in2 Life"


Staring: The Guys from the Sonic Commercials

Plot: These two middle-age friends go through the highs and lows of everyday life in suburbia like that wife who is always right, teenage daughters, the pushy boss, and of course: in laws.

"Wendy's World"


Staring: "Wendy" from the Wendy's commercials

Plot: Fresh out of college, Wendy is the CEO of her grandfather's company for some reason explained in the pilot. But how will this young free-spirit deal with the strict corporate machine? By being completely obnoxious and smug!

"Every Kiss..."


Staring: Various

Plot: A miniseries about interweaving lives of people coming in and out of a jewelry shop the night before Valentine's Day! Watch as all of their problems (ranging from newborns, coming home from war, terminal illness, literally everything) is solved by buying diamonds.

"Interesting Men"


Staring: Dos Equis' most interesting man in the world

Plot: Follow the most interesting man in the world as he travels to achieve the title. Watch as he does outlandish and science-defying feats to become the most interesting man. But he has been king for a while and a lot of punks are looking to take his mantle. Will he hold on to the crown? Stay tuned!

"Pig Headed"


Staring: The Geico talking pig

Plot: A talking pig lives in a world where no one seems to notice/mind he is, in fact, a talking pig. He tries to make due with everyday life (work, dating, and the such) while constantly fighting the world's growing obsession with bacon.

"Take a bow"


Staring: the woman who makes the giant red bows for Lexus at Christmas time

Plot: a miniseries about this woman who teaches rich people the true meaning of Christmas through giant red bows on luxury cars.

"Man Up"


Staring: The guys in those "Man Up" ads Miller guys

Plot: A group of everyday guys hang out and try to guide each down the manliest path possible. Because that's the best path. Cause they're bros drinking beer. Man stuff.

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