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Don't Become A Statistic, Don't Say "Murica"/"Merica"

Out of all the terrible additions to our vernacular the internet has helped popularize, "Murica" is by far the worst. Mostly because it combines the worst of everything. I would rather live in a world where people only laughed by saying "LOL" or ended every statement with people saying "hashtag" than hear anyone actually say "murica"

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It's almost the 4th of July, you know what that means!!!

Yes, "murica" has become the "Kiss me I'm Irish" and "Santacon" of Independence Day. And this is a terrible, terrible thing.

I'm going to go through just why people saying "murica" are just terrible.

Now as an American with predominantly American friends, I have to encounter this plague of banal facebook posts, captions, tweets, etc. a few times a year. And enough is enough.

Are you trying to make fun of Americans? The South? Are you rewarding yourself for taking candy from a baby?

The vile term "murica" originated as an insult to the to under-educated Americans.

Then it popped up again as an insult to people who voted for George W. Bush.

Either way, it has become synonymous with being an insult to America and it's ways.

As an American, I can honestly I've never said "murica" while trying to pronounce the word "America". Maybe it's because I'm from the great North East. So what are you all doing? Making fun of southerners?

Well, let me congratulate you on picking such a bold untouched target to be the subject of your wit.

That's right, you're making fun of Southerners on the Internet! What's next on your hit list? Republicans? I bet you have an arsenal of "that's what she said" jokes ready to go as well.

The point is, saying "murica" as an insult is beyond well worn and I'd like to think we're better than that.

It's not original any more.

Very much like saying Easter is about "zombie Jesus" or posting pictures of Justin Timberlake on May 1st, saying "murica" has been increasing in popularity. Which only does one thing, makes it completely uncool. Yep. Like death, taxes, and a hit song being played on the radio until you want to saw off your own ears, the more things get repeated across the internet, the less cool they become. Saying "murica" isn't a trendy buzzword you're putting out there. It is droll and lackluster.

You and my Aunt Theresa will have the same posts! Big Win!

It Combines Detachment with Elitism

Way to bring down the establishment! You posted a picture of a fat guy and put "murica" underneath it. Way to be the change you wish to see in the world.

You just replaced being different with being a jerk.

You're a jerk who decided to blanket sweep an entire part of the nation because they're different and your beliefs differ. Some people are happy with Bud out of a red solo cup and a hot dog. Why make fun of them with this dumb quip? Cause like I just said three times in this post - you're a jerk.

Acting like you're above everyone else, including your own country, is a douchey thing to do. Period.

Do you think this is biting social commentary? Should your "#murica" tweet but put next to "A Modest Proposal" in the pantheon of satire?

You realize you likely get a day off from work and a chance to celebrate the freedom to tweet such dribble with your friends and family, right?

Like that's pretty awesome. Really awesome actually. Probably something we should be thankful for.

This isn't a "if you don't like, then leave" statement. Because that is a tremendous asking. I once moved two miles and that was an extreme pain, so saying you should leave the country is outlandish. But if you have a problem with America, posting negative stuff and saying "murica" is not the way to provoke change or interesting thought. It's way to come off as a pompous jerk.

Wait, you're really saying "murica" without contempt?

Then you've completely missed the point and are just propagating a negative stereotype.

Much like groups of people who refer to each other with derogatory words, you are just making it seem like it is something that is okay to say. When it is not. It's ignorant and dumb.

We should be better.

Everyone should be better. People should stop saying that because it's not clever anymore and people should stop giving reasons to say it.

But it starts with you, dear reader, to stop saying "murica".

The 4th of July is a great and important holiday. Reflect on what it means and take the time to relax. Be safe and have fun.

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