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30 Times JR Smith's Instagram Taught Us The Meaning Of Life

His instagram is a national treasure of memes.

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1. When he reiterated the importance of being honest with yourself.

2. When he was fed up with the Ice Bucket Challenge.

3. When he called out bandwagon fans.

5. When he called out stupid people.

6. When he gifted us with this turtle on a skateboard.

7. When he started watching too much Maury.

8. When he took a shot at his former team.

9. When he took shots at himself.

10. When he interrupted a press conference to take a selfie.

11. When he gave advice to single people everywhere.

12. When he reflected on his past life.

13. When he taught us that we all die alone.

14. When he started watching 'Empire'.

15. When he taught us how to ignore dumb people.

16. When he taught us what inappropriate 'club attire' looked like.

17. When he taught us about love.

18. When he reminded us to love our flaws.

19. When he taught us about monogamy.

20. When he *GASSSSSSP* called Beyonce insecure.

21. When he reminded us that ball is life.

22. When he perfectly captured heartbreak.

23. When he posed this very important question.

24. When he called out Dallas Cowboys fans.

25. When he reminded us of the importance of Ebola safety.

26. When he reminded us to spend our time wisely.

27. When he told us he was so done.

28. When he taught us to know when we're being ignored.

29. When had a mob movie marathon.

30. When he taught us the importance of moving on.