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    The Internet Reacted Hilariously To Matt Harvey's Disappearance

    Where in the world is Matt Harvey?

    New York Mets starting pitcher, Matt Harvey, went missing today when he didn't show up for a mandatory work out with the team.

    Mets pitcher Matt Harvey missed a mandatory team workout today. GM says it was unexcused.

    Naturally, everyone started freaking out.

    Mets currenlty trying locate Matt Harvey

    Some imagined the worst and threw it back to the LAST time an athlete went missing.

    *SNY cuts to Matt Harvey in a white Bronco driven by Scott Boras on the LIE*

    Some were already planning what to do when Harvey was inevitably found.

    after today's workout at Citi Field Sandy Alderson & David Wright meet for lunch to discuss Matt Harvey's no show

    Some assumed he simply didn't want to show up to work because he hates his job.

    Or maybe he just forgot to set his alarm. I mean, we've all been there.

    So the 2016 #Mets Promotional Schedule will be highlighted by 'Matt Harvey Alarm Clock Day'?

    Seriously, where did he go??

    Where In The World Is Matt Harvey?

    After about 40 minutes of searching, it turns out Harvey just got stuck in some Tunnel traffic.

    Matt Harvey missed workout. Says he hit tunnel traffic.

    And some did sympathize with Harvey's #TrafficProbz.

    Yo Tunnel traffic is no joke though

    But others were pissed.

    Matt Harvey was "stuck in traffic" and missed postseason team workouts? How does everyone else make it, except for you? ✋🏼

    Maybe next time he should take a different form of transportation.

    May we suggest this for Matt Harvey next time...

    Or just forget the ground altogether and just fly to practice.

    I, for one, hope this is the first step toward Matt Harvey arriving to all his starts in a helicopter.

    After all, it's not like the Mets make the playoffs every year...

    Kathy Kmonicek / AP

    Better luck next time, champ.