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A Definitive Timeline Of The Wackiest Night In NBA Free Agency

It started with an emoji war and turned into a kidnapping.

It all started when DeAndre Jordan, one of this year's premier free agents, had doubts about signing with the Dallas Mavericks.

Story going online now: ESPN sources say Clippers lobbying DeAndre Jordan to reverse his decision to join Dallas and stay in LA with Clips

Reportedly, DeAndre's LA Clippers teammates were lobbying to convince him to stay with the team.

ESPN sources say Blake Griffin has already huddled with DeAndre Jordan on the matter and that Chris Paul could also still join the process

Once that news broke, an emoji war among NBA players began.

Clippers guard JJ Redick was planning on driving to DeAndre's home in Houston to meet him.

Blake Griffin was taking several means of transportation to get there.

Chris Paul was leaving his vacation on a banana boat to get there too.

Paul Pierce was... Paul Pierce wasn't sure what he was doing because he tweeted a PICTURE of an emoji instead of an actual emoji.

What are you gonna do, fly your rocket ship?

And then things got REALLY weird. It appeared as though the Clippers were literally trapping DeAndre in his house until he agreed to resign with them.

So far, Clippers able to keep everyone else out of house, including Cuban, agents. Everyone. They're in four-corners until midnight Eastern.

No seriously, they were trapping him in his house.

Clippers believe DJ is returning to LA but I'm told they are staying at his house until he can sign at midnight.

I aint lying to y'all!

Don't agree with the furniture layout but I'm not an interior designer.

Which left Mavs owner Mark Cuban apparently wandering the streets of Houston looking for DeAndre's house.

CORRECTION: Sources: Cuban beside himself. Driving around downtown HOUSTON begging (thru texts) Jordan's family 4 address to DeAndre's home

And Mark Cuban's brother asked the question we were all thinking. How could Chris Broussard possibly have *sources* IN the car with Mark Cuban?

How could you possibly know that. STFU


.@Chris_Broussard that's is the dumbest shit Ive ever heard. If you had any ethics u would msg me and I will give u his address

Chris Broussard isn't backing down though.

@mcuban if you had the address last night, you would've gone to the house. I stand by my multiple sources who had u calling & texting them

Like every great event in NBA history, the twitter memes were glorious.

Doc Rivers preparing DeAndre Jordan's house for the Mavericks

BREAKING: Scene in DeAndre Jordan's bedroom...

No event in NBA history is complete without the MJ crying meme.

Also a good point.


As it turns out, DeAndre was *maybe* just playing hard-to-get with the Clippers while simultaneously avoiding the Mavs.

This isn't the Clippers holding DeAndre Jordan hostage. This is them keeping him company while he avoid facing the Mavs.

After the dust settled, DeAndre resigned with the Clippers (and got a pretty sweet contract out of the ordeal).

DeAndre Jordan's four-year, $88 million contract with Clippers has a 15% trade kicker & player option in 4th year, source said.

The Clippers hugged it all out and played cards.

Yahoo Source: Clippers, DeAndre Jordan meeting was short. It was clear he was returning to them. Then they started to play cards.

And video games.

They are also playing video games inside DJ's house. One source who left the meeting said, "It's done. I wouldn't have left if it wasn't."

And ended the night with a sleepover.

~End Scene~

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