10 Reasons Why Jimmy Fallon Is Your Ideal Boyfriend

Jimmy Fallon is what they like to call “the whole package.” Who are ‘they’? That’s unclear but they are definitely right about this one.

1. He can sing.

What’s better than Jimmy Fallon and The Roots singing “Blurred Lines” with Robin Thicke? Answer: Nothing.

2. He can play all of the instruments.

Maybe not all of them but, like, a lot of them. All every girl has ever dreamed about is a guy that can play the guitar. Or even just a guy holding a guitar.

3. He has cool friends.

Two words. Justin. Timberlake.

4. He’s got a killer sense of humor. Obviously.

Here’s Jimmy’s last Late Night monologue. He gets pretty deep about his dad…except, not really.

5. He can dance.

He’s pretty much unstoppable on the dance floor.

6. He’s a genuinely nice and thoughtful guy.

I can’t think of any other person who still writes handwritten “Thank You” notes. Aww.

7. He’s not afraid to be silly.

I’d like to share that sweater with you, Mr. Fallon.

8. Your mom would love him.

He just gets her.

9. That face.

No explanation needed.

10. He’s got a great job.

He’s bringing The Tonight Show back to New York. It’s happening tonight. Good luck, Jimmy! Not that you’ll need it.

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