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Parents, Tell Us The Most Bizarre "Classroom Rule" You Or Your Child Have Ever Experienced

Whether it was a rule that a kid or a parent had to follow, we want to know the full details.

Even though it's incredibly important to celebrate teachers for all the work they do, sometimes, parents and kids will have a teacher who has a very particular way of doing things in their classroom.

Teacher in a classroom with students raising paper sheets, indicating participation or voting

So, since we've already discussed the most bizarre "house rules," I would like to know: "What is the weirdest 'classroom rule' you've encountered in a teacher's classroom?"

For instance, maybe a teacher set a rule that every student needed to stand at least two feet away from his desk when they talked to him because he believed "germs are the devil."

Empty classroom with teacher's desk, student desks, American flag, and clock showing 10:10

Or perhaps, every time a student made a mistake, they had to sing the lyrics, "I'm sorry, Ms. Jackson, ooh, I am for real" from OutKast's song "Ms. Jackson" because her name was Ms. Jackson.

Oh, and they had to do a little silly dance, too.

Finally, maybe a teacher had a rule during parent-teacher meetings that involved parents not being allowed to say "I can't" or "I won't" because they believed it brought negative energy into the classroom, which could affect the students.

Group of adults in a meeting with one man holding a tablet. They are seated in a circle, engaged in discussion

Also, once you or the student encountered these rules, how did they make your family feel? Did you break any of the rules, and if so, did the teacher react a certain way or not?

A teacher observing a student who looks upset in front of a whiteboard with math problems

If the above resonates with you, tell us the most bizarre "classroom rule" you or a kid has ever encountered in school in the Google Form or comments below to possibly be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.